questionswhat kind of electronics have you purchased from…


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The reason I am asking is that someone I know has wanted to play with that little USB microscope and that is the cheapest I have ever seen it. I need it for a birthday in February so I would have a little time for Meritline to get it back in stock and for shipping. I know that Meritline has good customer service and that if something is wrong with it, I will have no problems returning it or getting a refund but I would rather not have to deal with a return/refund.


I can't imagine it would be any worse than buying from another small dotcom (aka 1saleaday, 5stardeals, etc) or even an eBay deal. I'd give it a shot.


I have bought way to much stuff from there. The items I bought the most of are the small screwdriver sets and the 9 in 1 phone chargers since I would fix and resell cell phones for a while. Most of the stuff I buy there on a whim when it is a good deal.


I have purchased all kinds of things from Meritline and have always been happy. I have a 5 disk raid box from them I am happy with; some cheap as well as expensive hdmi switches; several computer components (drives, cables, adapters, usb hubs); and small televisions. I also buy pretty much all my printer cartridges from them. I have rarely needed to use their customer service, but found it excellent. I always feel like I get my money's worth from them.


@nortonsark: Thanks. Just the kind of information I was looking for.


Intended to buy? A good bit..

Actual purchases after reading from people I trust about the quality of their stuff? None.

You get what you pay for...but I'd still say they've got some awesome deals sometimes, especially if you need an emergency 50 piece bit set.