questionswhere is the samsung galaxy s iii love?


I don't know. Maybe accessories and cases for non-apple phones are generally less expensive to begin with, so it's difficult to offer them at Woot-sized discounts without taking a loss?

I have an S3, coming from owning an iPhone3G. The S3 has been good to me thus far, and no more dealing with iTunes. I've nothing against iPhones, but iTunes has earned many a curse and considerable loathing in my household.


Amazon always has a great selection of GS3 cases at a decent price.


@trevinopete: Exactly. I got an Otter Box Commuter case for 17 bucks from Amazon.


It's hard to find cases for a lot of phones these days. I have the Samsung Galaxy S "epic" and the only place I could find a case for it was on Ebay. My cell provider didn't even carry them. Which is totally fine, because I did eventually find what I was looking for - but it is kind of a bummer seeing all the variaties of unique iPhone cases while mine is plastic with a cartoon tree on it.


Gotten 3 cases for my GF's and mine from eBay. Just got my newest one Sat. Black snap over. Thin and light and keeps the camera off of stuff and screen has a nice bumper from keeping it dropping flat on it's face.
Love my GS3.


Lots of great deals out there for GS3 accessories, but they definitely don't ever seem to make it to Woot for some reason. I keep watching to see if the Otterbox ever comes back to Amazon Warehouse or a crazy price drop, but I missed the one back in November and I haven't seen it since.


I'm a fan of the sub $10 cases on amazon for my android phones, typically they're good enough. This time, I didn't have time and bought pretty much the only case Sprint had for my Galaxy S2 Epic 4g touch, but it only stays on sometimes.

Usually I'm just rocking the bare skin.......



Samsung Galaxy S III is a currant phone. Where as Iphone4/4s is a out of date phone. So there are a lot more cases out their they are trying to get rid of.