questionsdo i get a motorola atrix now, or hold out for…


You will probably enjoy the Android OS much more if you like to tinker with tech things.


Depends what kind of fan you want to be. I myself am an android fan. My wife has the newest iPhone and it doesnt compare to my Galaxy S. Hopefully the Bionic comes out soon(Verizon). If I Could get the Atrix, I would.


Easier question to answer would be current iPhone or new iPhone in X months. In that case, my answer would be "Do you need an iPhone?" If yes, get it now. If no, wait. Same for whether you want a current-gen Android phone (Atrix) or a next-gen phone that is released in X months.

Atrix versus iPhone 5 (or 4S, whatever it may be) is more of a preference thing. Do you want an Android phone or an iOS phone? The answer to that question will likely match the answer to your own question.

In a perfect world, I would have the disposable income for one of each. Both have merits, both have downsides. As that isn't the case, I get by just fine with my dumbphone on StraightTalk phone service for $30 and change / month.


Android = awesome. But I've gotten hours of enjoyment out of Apple products too.


Here's some att coupons if you're starting a new contract:

I needed to update the contract, so I ended up using that $100 coupon towards the HTC Inspire 4G. I went into the store to compare the atrix, inspire, and infuse. I realize the hardware of the atrix and infuse blow the inspire out of the water...but for what i use a phone for (browsing, point and shoot, media player, basic apps, maps, phone calls, and texting), the inspire felt better. It's heavier and bigger, but the aluminum body and huge camera just felt very good.The Motorola software on the phone felt bloated and slow and i was very underwhelmed.

I walked into the store expecting to love the atrix based on the physical and hardware specs. The infuse didn't feel worth the extra 100...that and it felt too light...if that's possible.

So, long story short, i was not impressed with the atrix, and think the iphone 4 would be a better choice, let alone the iphone 5 if you can wait.


@zarfus: And I loved HTC's senseUI or whatever they call it...very smooth.