questionshave you seen pieces of crap iv: your crap or…


ha you beat me by a couple of seconds.


Probably would have missed it, thanks!


Thanks from us non-believers!


Woe unto us, wooters! The BOC situation has gotten to the point that we're not even fighting to get a bag, we're begging to have a single item doled out to us one craplet at a time.




Wish I had time for this crap as well as all my other crap.
Sadly with life, work, normal woot, woot-offs, deals.woot community....this "pieces of crap" crap is the crap that broke the camel's colon.


yep, I'm excited that I won't be winning this one either!


My comment on why using Facebook for this is a bad idea was deleted.
I think that putting such things on Facebook and Twitter is wrong due to the delays with getting updates on those sites. Not to mention the F5 load that Facebook is probably seeing.