questionswhat's the best job you've ever had?


@magic cave: (Pssst. I've been retired for 6 months now and have had just about all of the fun I can stand. Will start classes in February for my next career. Might have to post something about that later.)


@belyndag: Yes, I think that's definitely a clue as to how much you liked the job and/or the people around you.

I filed (a few months early) for social security last week, and I'm contemplating retiring later this year. Or tomorrow, depending on my mood :)

I just can't quite figure out what I'd actually do with all that free time. I did an unofficial semi-retirement 10 years ago, and I lasted less than two months before giving up and taking a new job. Decisions, decisions, decisions.


@riknik: ►,◄, ▼ and the coveted one....

Since Woot! and the community wouldn't give you one, I will give you 4.


@magic cave: I'm still grieving. Everyone thinks I should be excited to be retired, but I so miss everyone and the good years on the job. I guess that proves that it really WAS a great job!


@caffeine_dude: I would tend to agree. I get no Rep or black triangle as fruits for my labor.


@riknik: I still think 'Unpaid content provider for deals.woot' is better because technically I could take tomorrow off without notice, too bad I have an addition to deals.woot and it will not happen, but the theory is sound.


I don't know, I haven't found it yet

All of my jobs to date have been OK, but none deserve to be called the best. Hopefully someday I will find it.


@belyndag: Oh, geez. That sucks really big time.


After giving this some thought, I will have to say "Dad". It doesn't pay worth a sh!t financially, but emotionally it is priceless.


@moondrake and @magic cave: I am jealous of you BOTH!

My best job was also my worst. I spent twenty years as HR Director for the same organization. Bad CEOs (3), good CEO (only one), and wonderful CEO (only one) made all the difference. The best CEOs saw employees as important. The "resource" part of HR really meant what the word means to them. I had a "seat at the table," as they say. I was able to reduce grievances and turnover, improve morale, pay and benefits, and I felt as though I was REALLY making a difference. Our organization started winning awards and training others to do what we did. I got to spend time helping employees with their personal and job related problems. Amazing how you can turn around a "bad" employee if you just spend a little time and effort.

Then politics (real politics, not office politics) got in the way. We were sold down the river by someone with presidential aspirations. 300 people laid off at Christmas, but not for economic reasons. Sucks.


@j5: People seem to have misinterpreted what I meant.

Glass Blower and Hand Model. 2 Great jobs.


Unpaid content provider for deals.woot.


Like many, my best job is not the most glamorous one, but it was the best time of my life.
I was a merchandise manager for a traveling band. I got to see the country, and the world. Wake up at 10 am, set up the merchandise, see the city, sell merchandise from 6 pm - 10 pm, sleep till 10 am.
And the best part, is they paid me to do it!


stunt man in a porno.....


I used to manage a gyn clinic. The small staff was excellent; cohesive, professional, talented, empathetic folks who, like me, saw the work as more of a "mission" than a mere "job." The patients were mostly age 16-35, so I got to do a lot of education, problem solving, and hand-holding. I'm a bleeding-heart, do-gooder, and much like my current job, the clinic work let me get paid for doing what I really enjoyed and felt good about. The practice got sold, though, and the new owners were seriously bottom-line oriented. It was no longer a good place for staff or patients, and I quit after several months. I still miss my coworkers, though.

@moondrake: I am totally envious of you!


High school. Not a job during high school, but high school. Everything after that got harder...


I worked at a music store when I first graduated from high school. When I got hired, it was locally owned and operated and it was awesome. We played the music we wanted because we liked it. We got to check out new artists, say what we wanted about mainstream media and got access to local concerts for cheap.

Then they got bought out by the FYE chain. We had to start wearing uniforms, playing the music they wanted us to play and promote the music that we all hated. Everything went downhill from there.

I ended up quitting and going to the company I work for now. Sad day.


Used to work in a local golf shop. Salary plus commission doing something I was actually interested in. Plus we had a hitting net in the back, so I got plenty of practice whenever we had some down time. Not to mention we were "in" with all the courses locally, so we got a lot of "yeah, just come on out" when we wanted to go play.


Probably working in toxicology. I killed thousands of animals and got to see so many fun abnormalities from drug interactions. Oh and I saw a rat milking machine. Wish they turned it on, but that was designed to only see if it the milk passed between dame & pup, and we didn't really see too many drugs that had that kind of possible interaction.


Cleaning toilets at a Rock Festival when I was 16 years old.
Nasty job, but I got to see some great bands for free, and got to go back stage after I had showered LOL.


My best paid job is the one I have now, which is why I have been doing it for over 27 years. I get decent pay, with good benefits, I get to work with people I like, and best of all I get to help people. I administer $1-2 million annually in social services grants, so I get to help put roofs over the heads of the homeless, shoes on the feet of kids in poor neighborhoods, meals on the tables of homebound seniors and disabled, and 80 other community service projects. The best job I haven't been paid for is being rescued by a dozen shelter dogs over the years.


@eraten: i see what you did there. :p


Let me start off by saying that I love my grandpa and this was my aunt's and uncle's decision to pay me and not mine (I would've done it for free)

My grandpa has dementia and needed someone with him 24/7. He went to what my uncle called "Daddy Day Care" during the day. At night I got paid $10 an hour and $15 for spending the night just for spending time with my grandpa (he lived next door so I could easily walk there). After we were done playing bingo or doing puzzles, he would start obsessing over cutting up all his trash and I would have plenty of time to finish homework or watch TV. He also had an unlimited supply of bacon for some reason. Even though I often joked with my friends that I got paid to sleep and watch TV, it was a much more difficult job at times. There were times that he would dream about his talking to his wife who passed away and I had to somehow convince him that she died years ago. His dementia kept getting worse and worse and now he lives in a nursing home.


It's crazy, but my most favorite job ever was when I was a waitress at Waffle House. Great mix of regulars and travelers, fantastic tips, fast paced, and lots of fun. On the negative side, the uniforms were hideous. This was back when the traditional orange and yellow striped polyester tunics were still being worn, and we also had to wear these goofy triangle head pieces.

I've been self employed for a long time now and love it, but my Waffle House memories are fond ones.


Assistant manager at Domino's.
Had the best crew, was always steady which helped time pass, plus we all had a good time working. Pay wasn't the greatest, but we had other ways of making extra cash there which helped alot.
Hell, we made half of the new stuff Domino's sells now for ourselves, just never pushed it or mentioned it to marketing. Idiots we are.

If I had the money I would invest in a pizza franchise. There is money to be made there.


Assistant manager at Taco Bell was the greatest job I ever had, until I found out I was making as much as a medic.


The best job I ever had was as a manager and lead tech for an Exxon service station. I worked there for 4 years until I was in a car accident. While I was in the hospital recuperating, the owner sold the shop back to Exxon instead of renewing the lease as was discussed. His reason was my injuries had kept me in the hospital on and off for 3 months and the shop had lost over half of its profit. Since then, I have worked in a lot of jobs I have liked. I have been a pipe fitter, service manager for truck mechanics, service coordinator for forklift techs, and now I am a safety and environmental coordinator for a wood treating plant. I plan to be a park host once I leave this job and travel around the US.


My best job ever was the one I didn't get paid for.
I was a volunteer youth worker at my church for a little over 13 years. I got to spend time with teenagers (I preferred high schoolers but there were some cool junior high kids along the way), play games, do a bit of teaching, go on retreats and to summer camp, play Ultimate Frisbee (there were a couple of guys who literally ran circles around me, but we had fun), visit nursing homes, drive 15 passenger vans, have counseling sessions over milkshakes and french fries, cheer high school athletes and almost always have a bunch of fun. Some of "my kids" who are now all grown up (and married...with multiple kids sometimes) have become some of my best friends. Best job ever, even though I never got paid in another other than leftover pizza and the occasional "thank you gift card".

I would still be doing it if I was able to. But there was a change in leadership and politics happened and maybe I can get back to it with the next youth guy.