questionswhere did the time go?


and unfortunately the older one gets the faster it seems to go.

sometimes i look in the mirror still expecting that teenager, but not finding her. the only true thing i miss about my youth tho is the ability to eat whatever and not have to think about the resulting weight/gases/sickness/etc.


It zoomed by and as one looks back, it seems that while you were waiting for something to happen, it still zoomed along and you didn't necessarily notice until later on. It amazes me, though, that unless one looks in the mirror or tries to do something that was once possible and now is difficult, we forget how old we really are.


I decided that days tend to go by slow (not always), but the weeks and months are what fly by for me. I hope that makes sense. I sometimes think things such as "Where did April go?" and "Is today ever going to end?"


What I've started to notice is that I don't look as young as I feel, at least most of the time. Thus, people, especially younger people who "were raised to respect their elders" will occasionally surprise me by deferring to me or calling me sir or some such and the kid (or young man, I guess) inside me gets confused.

(Some health issues a few weeks back really brought this home to me: as a result of them, I'd been slowly feeling worse and worse over several weeks' time, but, since things had gotten worse so slowly, I really didn't realize just how bad I'd been feeling until about 18 hours after I started taking the Cipro and I suddenly realized that I felt about ten years younger.)

Looking back over my life, I occasionally wonder how things would be different if, for example, I had made more of an effort to not end my marriage. I cannot say they would be better, but they might not be worse either.

All in all though, life isn't all that bad, at least most of the time.