questionswhich is your favorite robot vacuum/sweeper?


Would have ta say rosey from the jetsons. She had rockin vacuum skills.


I prefer the scooba over the roomba. I used a roomba for years, but just found it was not worth the maintenance. Scooba saves me more time and is easier to clean.


Cy and Buster, the model 530 / 535 fraternal Roomba twins.

In fairness they are the only cleaning robots I've tried, but they work for me. These are middle-of-the-road models without scheduling, etc. (wouldn't use scheduling anyway since I clean them after each use), and my expectation is only that they clean between uses of the big upright, and under furniture that I rarely (OK, never) move to clean.

Perhaps I've been lucky but the only maintenance they've required in two years is a new battery. It sounds like you're having a positive experience with the Neato, what do you see as its advantages?


@afurball: So far I'm pleased as punch with the Neato.

The vacuum is pretty powerful (we dump about a handful of dust per day out of the bin), I don't really feel like I need to use my upright at all - however I have hardwoods. I like that it laser maps the rooms so the actual cleaning time for an area that's about 16 x 25 (two conjoined rooms) is about a half an hour. I like that I can schedule it so it runs and is done before I get home from work. I like the digital display that tells me what I need to do if there is a problem with the bot (empty bin, etc). There's a lot I like about the Neato.