questionsdoes anyone know where i could find any pac-man…


I checked the following websites:

None had any fish items related to PacMan. I know there are frogs called Pacman -- would that work?

I would dare say such an ornament doesn't exist.


You may have to buy a Pac Man Christmas ornament (one that's safe in an aquarium environment)and get creative. There are lots of these ornaments on the interwebs.


I'd even be happy with like fruit shaped tank ornaments, and/or keys, galaxans, pretzels, and bells, as I will be doing the back of the tank with a level, and could simply paint Pac-Man onto that part.


How handy are you with a pair of scissors? You could make stick ons out of those old fashioned Colorforms.


@capguncowboy: When you checked eBay, did you look for pacman, or did you do a search specifically tailored to find pacman items for aquariums?

I note that there are several pacman board games available on eBay, and those came with plastic ghosts, and four differently colored playing pieces. There might have been other items too, I don't remember any more. We used to have one, when it was new (circa early eighties). I think the plastic parts were pretty safe, although I don't know how they'd stand up to long term immersion.


Most of the pieces for the games are too small and they generally float. I did end up finding a silicone pac-man pot holder that I'm going to use, and if I find some other stuff GREAT, if not, oh well..


is your fish roundish and yellow?

drop fish food crumbs slowly, and go: "waka waka waka..."