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I used to have a homemade potato launcher. They're hilarious, but dangerous. A friend decided to attack me and my friends with a paintball gun one day from his aluminum john boat while we were in the gulf of mexico. We thought it was funny until he broke part of our throttle controls. We pulled out our potato launcher and shot in his general direction. It made contact with the side of his boat and put a dent the size of a basketball, and popped some of the seams on his boat. He started taking on water and had to haul ass home. Needless to say, he never pulled his paintball gun on us again. :)


@meikat: I don't understand why your post has so many downvotes. I laughed pretty hard because four people read this and said F-This guy and his homemade potato cannon...and his boat...and the gulf of mexico. Downvote for you!

I gave you an additional downvote for the sake of comedic value.


@cowboydann: Yeaah I guess because it is not related to the actual product. Although the only differences between my old cannon, and this one, is mine was not black, and I made mine. They use the same ignition source, and were almost identical in size and shape. Oh well. Also, a little tip, if you use hair spray, I suggest using Aqua Net. We found it had the best amount of propellant and the least amount of stickiness. Also, it washed off with a little water really easily.


Bought it but haven't fired it, yet - don't have any potatoes that small. Can't handle anything bigger than about a marshmallow - sheeez......


@dleffert: You can use bigger potatoes, just put the potato on the ground, put the tip of the gun up against the potato, and push down. This will cut a perfect section to fit. Then just push it down the barrel closer to the expansion chamber, and fire!


Protip: Toss the hairspray and grab a can of starting fluid.


@matt1976: and make sure the health insurance is paid up. We want to make sure our resident woot ER doc has plenty of job security.

@dleffert: why not try carrots?


@meikat: Oh, I know - I was just expecting something with a bit more firepower ;)


@lavikinga: I've only ever used starting fluid. It's always been in ones that are home built though. We always just used SCH 40 ABS pipe and ABS glue and fittings. I don't know how thick these are or how they're held together.

The difference between a healthy spray of hairspray and a healthy spray of ether are night and day.