questionshow do you care for your monkeys?


I hang them from the chandelier in the dining room, and have one giant monkey climbing our replica of the Empire State building. They care for themselves.


I spank them...

(ducks for cover)


Keep them away from:

[x] Germany
[x] Michael Jackson
[x] Justin Beiber


True story: I actually thought this was a monkey question when I first saw the title.. I decided to commit to the comment after I started typing it though.

Also, funfact: According to the local radio station, Germany returns monkey! BEIBER DECLINES!


@drchops: Stupid little self-centered twit; I starting to take bets on how long it'll be before his first major crash.


I was pretty much in the free-range camp. I had a nesting box in the living room, where I'd frequently find them all snuggled together sleeping after a hard day of trying to demolish the place, but mostly I left them to their own devices.


I try to keep them from jumping on the bed.


I try and keep them out of cat range.


Apparently, also keep them away from @tsfisch. : )

Mine are also free-range although when the big group arrived, they all draped themselves from the chandelier. Eventually they got tired of that and jumped down. Now, most of them are in the bedroom playing on a dresser and four of them are at work with me.

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Mine hang on the door knobs, so small children can pull thier tails.


I used to have mine hanging on one of those stuffed animal hangers, and strung it across in a tighter U shape. Now I'm in an area that has no drop ceiling and is much higher, so now I have no place to hang & display them :(