questionsdoorbuster deals: yay? or nay?


If you're after the loss-leaders, then the only true strategy is to camp out for them. Start tonight. Seriously.

So I say "nay". I'd rather spend a few bucks more to save myself a lot of sanity. The difference in price between in-store and online black-Friday or cyber-Monday is pretty minimal, really.


Spend the time you would waste camping out working a bit of overtime. You'll easily be able to make up the difference.

I mean, I like saving a buck as much as the next guy, believe me. But to camp out for 3-7 days to save $20 on something? These people need to go back to third grade math.


No. Never have, never will. Hate crowds. Think that 'camping out' to get there early is a silly waste of my time. Especially since you might miss the deal anyway. I value my sanity and stress-free online shopping more than any savings that I might gain. Others obviously differ in their opinion. I guess it's a party-like atmosphere for some.


It's very cold where I live. Really not worth it for me :(
But people here start camping out very early. Last year I saw a line starting a day before the deal.
If you enjoy camping and waiting in line, maybe you will have a good time. Good luck!


Nay vote on my end. I like warm, dry and online.


Hard to believe that anyone would stand on line for 3 days... I think I'll just find a modest deal and pay a few hundred more.