questionschallenge - lappy toppy


I was hoping to not go over $1500.


I would suggest going with an HP (for price reasons) although some will suggest alienware.

If you use coupon code: NBJ459873 for an extra $200 off, the total comes to $1100, but the specs are not to be scoffed at.

-Intel i7 quadcore processor
-500GB Harddrive
-1GB ATI 5650 graphics card
-17.3" HD display screen

This should play your game just fine, plus be fast enough to do whatever you want at school. You can also change any of the specs, the total just has to be over $1,299 to use the coupon code. Hope this is helpful.


I'll second @stupidcows's suggestion... If you're looking to do any sort of gaming, and plan on being able to multi-task, go with at very least an Intel Core i3/5/7 processor... Core2Duo, while a good processor for its generation, is now definitely a generation past. The ATI 5650 is a solid video card, and the 8GB of RAM are essential to run a good quad-core system (or 8 logical processors, in the case of the i7, which I have and love).

Major note: Just be careful with this sort of a layout as it is a desktop-replacement - It is powerful, and will draw power to be so, so make sure that you have a good battery. An Intel Core i7 can't be expected to have a battery-life that even remotely mirrors that of a netbook. I've got an almost identical setup to this, actually, and with a 12-cell battery (it's massive), I still can't get through an entire Blu-ray movie - it gets rough 3-4 hours of surfing, processing, etc. It may be blazing at transcoding and gaming, but then the battery dies.