questionsdid you hear, we have a new pope!


It's unfortunate that he thinks bills to legalize gay marriage are "machination[s] of the Father of Lies that seeks to confuse and deceive the children of God" and that adoption by gay parents constitutes discrimination against children, but I suppose equally bigoted views on those subjects could be found in any serious candidate to the Papacy. I suppose it's good to get the lesser of 120 evils.

(And before anybody accuses me of church-bashing, I should say: I'm Catholic. I'm just a Catholic who is disgusted by the current bigotry displayed and institutionalized by the organization. It is decidedly unchristian.)


I'm glad they picked someone from outside of Europe, but I thought they would pick someone a bit younger. The new pope is 76, and a number of the leading candidates are in their 60's. I was pulling for Cardinal Dolan.


Relax, Francis. I realize he is from Argentina, but I thought I heard the news say he is an Italian living/serving in Argentina.


@lavikinga According to the ever-reliable Wikipedia, he's Argentine but born to Italian immigrants. @jazzsinger Also according to the ever-reliable Wikipedia, he's not only 76 but also has had a lung removed. Admittedly, that happened when he was a teenager, and it doesn't seem to have slowed him down much.


Don't blame me, I voted for Kodos.


Did the previous Pope die? I thought that was the only time that a new one was chosen.


@robingraves He didn't die. He voluntarily gave up the position. He's the first pope to do so in over 500 years.


@caffeine_dude: Agreed. Just some dude in a fancy hat.


Yea! Now the networks can get back to some real meaningful news! Hallelujah!!


I've taken to calling him Pancho Uno.


I wish he kept his real name as pope so he could be Jorge the Jesuit. (That's what I am going to call him anyway)


@jazzsinger: " I thought they would pick someone a bit younger. The new pope is 76"

It may reflect consensus among the cardinals that a three-decade papal tenure is not a good idea at this time.


@jazzsinger: the consensus amongst the talking heads is that they don't select younger popes because they don't want one pope to be in power for too long (like John Paul II).

Historically, over the last 2,000 years or so, popes seem to reign for 4-9 years on average.

I believe that the cardinals electing the new pope simply don't want one pope to have too much influence over the continuity of doctrine. The longer a pope stays in office, the more chances his personal views will begin to reshape the church, and the more chances that his views may start to contradict those that have been well-established.

As for the folks who think that is a bad idea, my opinion is that I wouldn't have much respect for a religion that changed it's doctrines with the fashions or set it's rules by whichever way the current social winds are blowing.

As for the news itself, I WAS encouraged by the fact that instead of blessing the audience, he asked THEM to bless HIM.

I'm not a Catholic, by the way....


i have to say imma not sure i could tell the difference between "new pope" and "classic pope" in a blind taste test.

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I totally agree. How would a religion being leading it's flock in the ways of it's faith, if it held it's finger up to the wind and made decisions based on which way that wind was blowing (i.e. popular opinion)? That's not leading…that's not not having guiding principles…that is following trends. Politicians and teenagers make decisions based on popular trends.

The leader of one of the world's oldest Churches and the largest should've make doctrinal decisions based on "what's hot," cool or popular.