questionswoot touchpad problems?


No problems here...

Whenever I get weird problems like yours, a luna restart usually solves it.


cool thanks. I will look through and see what browser add ons I have installed it only with woot for me and it sucks.


For whatever reason, I usually have to click a link twice on my touchpad for it to load. The first time it turns the text red, and the second time it follows the link...


If you have android on your Touchpad then the default browser has problems. It doesn't properly map where the link is so you have to be super precise.


Thanks guys sorry for responce I was out of town using only my touchpad.

So I had like 27 patches on the OS (I am still using WebOs) so i did a Hard reset and that fixed everything including the skype problems.

I am waiting on a better version of android. I have a rooted Nook color with CM7 on it and it's not nearly as good as the touchpad.

I feel like the touchpad is one of the best tablets out there there are only 2 things missing.

1. "Back" Why the hell do some apps have back on top and others on the bottom
2. App store could be better.

But Yea I had a buch of patches installed like better FPS, OC to 1.8gb smoother scrolling better animations etc... and that is what bugged me. Now I am back to stock and all is well.

Thanks much for all your help not sure if I would have hard reset it without that coment about restarting Luna.