questionsa woman pepper sprayed other shoppers on bf, what…


No one gets pepper sprayed on the internet - ONLINE SHOPPING FOR ALL.


Black Friday is the American version of the Running of the Bulls. You never know if you're going to get trampled to death or not and everyone cheers on. In good American tradition the games get crazier each year, this years new addition: pepper spray.


She is probably not all there... Who in their right mind would do such a thing. Good thing she did not bring a gun or anything from Dwight's weapon collection:


That's why I've decided to have a Buy Nothing Christmas.

You save a lot of time and money by not buying anything, and you don't get pepper sprayed. It looks like a win-win situation to me. :D


I don't think it says anything about our consumption culture. I think it it more likely says that this woman forgot to take her meds.


Let me add some more :)

Outrageous scramble for computer games at Wal-Mart store in Los Angeles

Twenty people were injured by 'competitive shopping' attack, say authorities

Elsewhere woman, 55, is shot by robbers outside South Carolina Wal-Mart

Another shopper wounded in California robbery as fights break out in U.S.

Off-duty cop uses pepper spray to quell Wal-Mart scuffle in North Carolina

Electronics stands were torn down and DVDs were trampled on by shoppers

Estimated 152 million people expected to shop over Black Friday weekend

Gunfire erupted at North Carolina mall at 2am near food court entrance

Robot removes suspicious device from fridge at Arizona Wal-Mart store

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@amishgramish: I applaud your decision.

My family and a big group of friends have also decided to do so; but we take it one step further by donating what was budgeted for gifts to charities. We are fortunate that we are all doing well, and realize that many others aren't. Food banks and children charities are our priority receivers.


We hit the mall, and everyone was pretty happy. Everyone here was either on their meds or happily toasted.

I think our culture as a whole is ok. There a always a few that need to be locked in a box and fed through a slot. Gotta go, here's my tray!


@lll0228: It doesn't say anything about consumption culture. There's just some crazy broad out there that should NOT own pepper spray.

People use excessive force all the time, and escalate situations where they clearly should have taken another route. This just happen to have taken place during Black Friday. You can't blame the event for the stupidity of an attendee.


I find it funny that we just got done telling each other how thankful we are for the stuff that we have, then we go out and trample down others to get new stuff.


I had seen this and emailed to a few friends.

Sounds like CA to me.


I think it says most people don't know they can usually find better deals every day on Woot! (and I'm very happy for that :) )


bahaha, i just saw my "related deals" are a tazer and pepper spray.


It says people are nuts! I mean, c'mon! It's not the PS3.. it's a freakin' Xbox!


@lll0228: My family takes it a step further, we not only give money to charities, but we also give gifts to friends and family.


My FB feed showed many updates of calm, happy, successful outings last night and this morning. I think this story is indicative of a few incidents involving unstable people, sensationalized by a 24/7 news media that MUST find the violent/sensational story to blast to the public. Still sad, but not a sign of societal decline, just a sign that we are nosey people.


I don't see what the big deal is. According to Fox News, pepper spray is "a food product, essentially." That woman was just feeding hungry shoppers.


@thumperchick: Too true. The media would all pepper spray each other to get that story. And there is probably an equally ugly incident in Wally World every day, but no one is there to report it.
In nicer news, I shopped in the afternoon, and hit a couple of dense shopping areas. Every single person I encountered was pleasant, and in the holiday spirit. People were holding doors for each other, and chatting with strangers, and it was downright pleasant.


it says that UC Davis's pepper-spray cop has a sister that went shopping today.


Sadly this is nothing new. People are competitive by nature and will do what they need to do to come out on top. Also, some people are mentally unstable. I would say she qualifies as both.


My understanding was she was trying to pepper spray people who were cutting in line. Doesn't excuse her, but doesn't sound like she's as avaricious as she was made out to be, just not very bright. Kind of like when one country tries to take part of another country and the big guns are brought out.


I live about a mile away from that Wal-Mart. Hope they catch the lady, who pepper sprays someone and runs away like that? At a store of all places.


@amishgramish: I've realized anything that is anti-consumerism or anti-purchase-everything-ism is immediately disliked by most of the people here.

After all, the way to determine whether or not you are a "success" on woot is to purchase an unknown item (or items) one day of every month. I mean, when you think about it abstractly, how absurd is that? It is a monument to American excess.

A group of my friends adopted a homemade-only-gifts policy for a while and it turned out to be much more rewarding than traditional gifts. We were forced to actively and constantly think of what someone really needs for months and not just the Friday after Thanksgiving. The only problem was we ran out of ideas after a few years, so we went to favors and tasks--like airport rides, massages, home-cooked meals, etc. That worked out much better and was even more rewarding (not to mention cheaper). It goes back to the whole thing about gifts coming from obligation versus gifts coming from love.


The $2 waffle iron riot at Walmart was pretty wild. I'm not sure what I was more horrified about...the unadulterated greed or the woman with 5 of the waffle irons clutched to her chest and how her pants were literally defying gravity. Funky!


The funniest part of this pathetic excuse for people to act inappropriately and skip work is that all these retailers are making off with their money. A $5 toaster is likely to cost $0.50 (probably less) and cause a home to burn down.

If people really wanted to save money, they would avoid spending money they probably can't spend.