questionswill these be the next buckyballs?


hm, expands to the size of a racquetball? I think my kids could pass that.

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Yes, this toy looks like a candidate for being buckyballed by the government. Buckyballs are not marketed as childrens toys, and one only gets into trouble when two separated buckyballs are going through the GI tract. The government thinks buckyballs are too dangerous and should be banned. These Water Balz are marketed as a children's toy and a single ball getting swallowed will cause problems once it expands. My guess is that the defense that these episodes are the result of mis-using the product won't convince the government to stay out of it. My advice to the company is to sell as many Water Balz as you can quickly and then close shop and run.


Pretty interesting.. I've had my fair share of these things but they're slightly smaller.

They're so wet and smooth that it really looks like something edible, like tapioca/boba.

So yeah, it does pose a threat to those kids who doesn't know the difference between edible and inedible yet.


Kids and rents are so stupid now.


I don't know, they may well be. But, now I want some!!


If you want some, here are some smaller versions. I have a bunch of these (Think they were actually a deal here in fact). I have the multi-colored version. They are very small, about the size of pop rocks but swell up to large marble sized.

The best part is the packages are covered in amusing Engrish.
Seven Color Crystal BOLL


@bingo969: Also on ebay for much less if you can deal with 3 week shipping, terrible English and all (here's 20 bags):

They are pretty cool


From the look of things, yeah.


Buckyballs at least had the dignity to not misspell "balls" in the name of their product to make it more fun/extreme