questionsi give god 10%. "why do you get 18?"


That pastor gives 18% of her salery to every server? How generous.

Shouldn't have been fired, pastor only cared after being called on rudeness.

Though I do hate the auto gratuity. I usually give 20% because the math is easier but have had times in large groups where the waitress deserved 0. I think mine knew it was auto so didn't even try to work. We had 40 people over 2 tables with 2 waiters. The other table got their food an hour before us and had full glass the entire time.


I imagine God has less credit card debt.


My wife showed me this yesterday. If you want to be a tight-ass and not tip your waiter, just don't tip. Why rub it in their face that they're not god? Pastor Asshat (as I like to call her) didn't leave any tip. I'm sure that's the right thing to do. I'm sure she wouldn't like it if his attending audience decided that the church itself needed to keep all the money and not give her any of "god's money".

On the other hand, I don't agree with "gratuity tips". I think they're dishonest, and they're anything but a gratuity. Gratuity would imply that I'm paying because I want to, not because I'm being forced to. I have come to a point in my life where I refuse to eat at any establishment that forces me to tip my waiter/waitress despite their service, but at the same turn, I'm not going to bitch about it when I do and compare my waiter or waitress to god. That's just stupid.


The pastor, not the waitress was in the wrong. She, like any semi-intellegent, sane person should know that servers get paid crap, and need the tips just to survive. Her note makes her seem smug and kind of idiotic.


@purplefeather: Agree. The pastor, like many, don't know that the restaurant lobby had pushed to have the laws to exclude a group of service employees from the minimum wage laws arguing that tips should be factored in. The economic reason was that if restaurants were to pay minimum wage to their servers, it would be difficult for them to stay in business, they'd have to raise prices, lower tax revenues, etc.

Anyway, what happened is now servers and others are paid less than min wage relying on tips but most people don't know this so the servers potentially get stiffed and patrons get resentful of tipping.

I've lived in other countries where they don't tip - they just factor the higher labor costs into the food and I prefer that.


Did anyone else notice that the total was $34.93 for a party of "more than eight people"? If there were 9 people, that's an average of less than $4 per person.

I'm being presumptive here, but it sounds like they each got a soda, and then ordered a couple of appetizers for the table. Then, they sat around while the waitress had to continually refill their drinks, knowing that she probably wasn't going to get much of a tip out of it. After all that, they stiffed her on a tip that amounted to less than $1 per person. Then, having been embarrassed by the cheapness of her and her group, the pastor of course did the Christian thing and complained to the manager, costing the waitress her job.

It just proves something I've believed for a long time. A lot of the people who claim to be so religious and holier-than-thou are some of the worst people you'll ever meet.


By the way, she's a "self-proclaimed minister". Her church is ‘Truth In The Word Deliverance Ministries.’


As much as I despise this whole thing, the waitress did indeed make one incredibly stupid move posting that receipt -- she never blocked out the cardholder's name on the scanned receipt image she uploaded.

EDIT -- that image on the linked Yahoo article is a cropped image of the receipt.


@jazzsinger: It's possible that even though they were a large group, they still requested individual checks. It would make more sense.


@capguncowboy @jazzsinger
"The receipt was for $34.93, although the full table's bill came to over $200, according to the server.", from the full article on AOL.


The pastor stepped in it: but I am getting more and more annoyed with the increasing numbers of establishments that are adding on 18% gratuity. I may leave that much (often more), but I still don't believe that 18% should be a standard tip for standard service.


Bad PR for Applebees.

Eta: As I understand it, employers must make up the difference between base pay and minimum wage if tips don't.

j5 j5

She talks to a man in the clouds. Her derpness is not surprising.

edit: I would ask her, When is the last time god refilled your drink? Does he deserve that 10%?


@farmist @capguncoyboy I stand corrected. I still stand by the last part of my statement, though. The pastor didn't need to complain and cost the waitress her job, and a lot of religious people are awful everywhere outside of the church, and even sometimes in it.


I saw this story earlier, but now I see the waitress has been fired. This is pretty sad. But then again, there are many people who call themselves Christians and the proceed to act in a manner that is completely against anything a Christian should do.

I don't always agree with the automatic tip, but it does make sense for a larger party, in this case can you imagine getting paid less than minimum wage, hoping to get a tip from a large party that you have to work hard to serve and then have them not tip you? It's got to be harsh! As for me, I always tip, except for one time with the worst service I've ever had (the food arrived COLD because he was too busy talking to his friends). I always tip around 20% just for myself, and if I have a great waitress/waiter, and I know I'm eating a small meal, I've tipped almost the entire cost of my meal! I know they work really hard and it's not a job I'd ever want to do, so I appreciate great service and like to prove it.


I despise religion due to hypocrites and this "pastor" is one of the people who makes my auto-hatred viable. I have many friends who are Christians and do their best to act as they think Jesus would really do. Those people have my respect and love, just as the atheists/agnostics who treat people as they would like to be treated do.

But anyone who finds a reason to hide behind things to be a dick does not deserve your respect. I don't care what that reason is. While I don't expect Applebees to rehire the server, based on my observations of big business when faced with religious "things", I do certainly hope that they do not continue this blind following of the "angry right".

I feel that if I had written that I give noone a tip because I'm an atheist, I would not have been met with anything but a lawsuit. Not that I can prove that since I tip like a human. Just my $.02.


I am both a former server and a Christian and this story makes my blood boil... The amount of crap that servers have to put up with is unbelievable for the amount of money that they make. The minimum wage in my state is $2.13 per hour for a server. Can you imagine working for that wage? Can you imagine working on your feet for hours, only to have some ass-hat tell you that you aren't worth anything more?

From a religious point of view, it makes me sick to think that you can be a religious person and not respect a heard earned wage. No one is asking you for a ridiculous tip. Just give them what they have earned. There is a reason the minimum wage is a little over $2. If they work for a good tip, give it to them, they obviously earned it


Thanks, I heard of this story, but didn't get to read it anywhere.

Hope the waitress gets a better job soon.

Gee, to bad paster, now everyone knows the type of person you are.


I am really hoping and praying that wooters have more sense than this Pastor... I have had a really hard time staying around D.W. for a while now and I really hope that you guys have more common sense than the majority of the people in my area... Please dont let me down wooters!



I know the answer to the question: I give God 10%. "Why do you get 18?"
God does not pay taxes, but the waitress does.
All told
edit I feel so good about this answer I added the 'All told'


The problem I commonly see is that waiters/waitresses take these "8 or more" parties as easy tips (since the 18% is automatic) then they don't put the effort in as when there isn't an automatic tip.


@caffeine_dude: You don't pay taxes when you don't have an income...

But in all seriousness, why would someone think that posting a credit card receipt of someone else onto the internet is okay. It's like the people that video tape themselves breaking laws... Simply dumb.


@jsoko: If only I could find 20 people to give me %10. Ah to be god or a preacher.

Per @the18thtee84 My opinion does not matter as I have never waited tables. I has sad.

I agree with @jsoko: posting a credit card receipt is < smart

I hate automatic tip, I always double tip by accident. My tip is usually greater then the auto tip.


@the18thtee84: actually some of the cheapest tippers I have ever been out with were former waitstaff.


Aside from tithing to God (and btw - does the pastor give her 10% to her own church) does not the pastor have a responsibility to help her fellow man/woman?

I am not a Christian so someone who knows please tell me, does a Christian fulfill the requirement of tithing only by giving money to "The Church" or are other charitable donations included? For example, 5% to a church and 5% to a needy family? Or for that matter, 10% to a needy family and 0 to a church?


Sometimes you just don't know where to being, there are so many problems with this.

Wonder how drunk the pastor was, her line of reasoning just makes no sense. What would she say to the retailer that marks up products 100%? I'm thinking though that since she later complained to Applebee's, she was into some real wrong thinking.

Easy to condemn Applebee's, but we don't know their reasoning. Certainly getting a live camera anywhere near a credit card receipt is asking for trouble. I suspect though they fired the waitress for the bad publicity, but they brought far more bad publicity on themselves firing her.

I've never waited a table, but my opinion does matter, because it affects the way I tip. I'm all in favor of no tip under any conditions. Something drastic needs to happen to get rid of this whole stupid gratuity thing. And I'm not buying into tips as something the owners force on the wait staff, I'm betting the majority favor the tipping system.


@mml666: for most Christian churches, your giving is up to you, most "christians" give very little, a few give a lot. Some churches (primarily southern I'd guess) make it their business what you give. They could answer your questions, but those churches are the exception, for most churches your questions really don't make any sense.


That pastor is a petty person. If they didn't want to tip, Applebee's has food To Go. Applebee's should hire their server back. That's a bunch of BS. I would be embarrassed if that pastor preached at my church. Do unto others, love thy neighbor, judge not...yada yada.


@mml666: Interesting take on that. The Bible says 10% to God. It doesn't specify organized religion. If you're doing God's work, I say the money you spend counts be it helping out your local soup kitchen, donating to the Salvation Army, sending money to crisis areas like Haiti and so forth.. Also? Faith without works is dead. The Pastor's job was not to ostracize any potential believers but bring them closer to God through their actions. I would say the Pastor failed miserably in that. The Bible has something to say about that too: If a teacher of the Word, aka a Pastor, causes people to turn away from God because of their actions, they will be judged more harshly. I'm pretty sure getting a hard working person fired because they are a cheapskate didn't help anyone find Jesus.


Wow! This is a very controversial topic!

Both the waitress and pastor are at fault here in my opinion. The waitress for posting it online and for the pastor being a bit, unsympathetic towards the waitress in regards to tipping.

I do agree that the automatic tip is a bit outrageous, in my opinion I would tip the amount the server deserves. With automatic tips in hand, I've had servers that are horribly lazy and I've had servers that I feel really bad for given to the fact that we were a party of eight. That is eight people you have to attend to if they need anything such as an extra knife or even a side of ranch dip, eight people you have to memorize their drinks for when they need refills all at the same time and eight people you have to take orders from. Now this is only one group, what happens if you had other groups to attend to? It's mind-boggling insanity if you asked me. And they don't get paid much to begin with.


Did I mention it was a party of 20?!

As for the pastor, I have no idea what lead her to write that type remark on the receipt. Who knows? The waitress must've had a really bad service or it may be the other way around and the pastor disliked the automatic tip charge. To be honest, I think they should disclose that "automatic tip" thing like right after they ask how many people in your party. Most restaurants I've been to allow "splitting the party" to pretty much bypass that charge. Going back on the pastor, it's really unknown at the moment why she wrote such a thing. All I've read from that article is that "she's been embarrassed" by that receipt. But she wrote it but the common sense wasn't there and the consequences may occur.

I mean like, she's a pastor. Pastors should be really nice people, not a total jerk who refuses to pay the extra $6.29 when the time came. According to other articles the server stated that her service was great. So I have no idea why she can't pay the tip.


Hey, For 10% you share the wine and the bread. If you want your own wine and bread it's 18%. Got it?


The whole "I gave God 10%. Why do you get 18%" doesn't make any sense to me at all.

Did she mean giving 10% salary to God? Or if she is talking about 10% in commitment (ie. time, effort, etc to church) then that contradicts with the 18% tip which is monetary. In the end though, I thought that comment was unnecessary. The least they could've done was to talk with the manager regarding the tip first, but I'm sure it would've been the same answer; it's automatic. Unless it can be bypassed which = special treatment = unfair.

As for the waitress being fired, I sure hope she gets a better job after all of this is done. I think Applebees took it too far by simply firing her. The least they could've done was suspend her along with re-training. It would've been fair that way in my opinion. And would allow Applebee to look like they care about their employees, rather than kicking one out when they suspect their endangerment.

I'd say both the waitress and pastor owes each other an apology.


Wow! I just spent the last hour typing all this out.

I agree with @dreamyvelvet 's statement above me.

I'm getting down votes on this one for sure, but I hope ya'll got a reason to do so.


@dreamyvelvet: From the Jewish standpoint, one is supposed to give at a minimum 10% of their earnings to charity. Charity, in this context, refers to the poor (either directly or via organizations that help the poor) and/or religious organizations necessary to the community, including synagogues, Yeshivas (religious schools that teach Torah/Talmud and other Jewish studies) and “benevolence organizations” (e.g. free loan societies, groups that assist the sick or elderly, burial societies, etc).

It is up to each person to decide for him/herself how to allocate the charitable funds.

The purpose, is to always remember that one’s income and possessions are gifts bestowed from God, entrusted in us to use wisely and for the good.

So, technically, if one knows that one’s waiter is poor (ie. below a certain poverty level and eligible to receive charitable funds), one’s tip can probably be considered charity, and therefore part of one’s 10% to God.

And if not, it is still a good deed…


Just wondering isn't it possible everyone left a cash tip? I have often used my card to track my expenses and not left the tip on the card, especially when in groups, everyone pays their tab then chips in and leaves a cash tip.


@mml666: In many conservative denominations, you're supposed to give 10% to the church you belong to itself. The reason is that makes sure that the staff gets paid - generally, just the pastor - and from there it gets meted out to various places by the deacons and leaders of the church. If they're a part of an organized denomination, the head office requires some money to support worldwide missionary efforts, and the rest is used by the church to help church members, give to the needy, support more missionaries, and the like. You're encouraged to give above and beyond the 10% to other worthy causes, but that's not part of your tithe.

I don't like what that pastor said, and the logic is faulty in so many ways that we're all identifying. But don't lump all Christians into that boat, that's like saying because one man one time said something awful therefore all males on the planet are awful and eat babies.


@ruger9mm: Sure, it's possible but then you probably wouldn't write a note self-identifying as a huge tool. I leave cash tips most of the time but I've never written a nasty note like that.


I've worked Sunday mornings for over 20 years. A co-worker is also a pastor, he told me once that since I didn't attend church regularly that I should give him my 10% tithing. I disagreed. I believe that I should give where I witness need. Tithes can be help with someone's rent, groceries or in the case of a friend helping with certification fees so she qualifies for a better job. I don't have a problem with God, I have a problem with some of his customer service reps.


@joshobra: lol... "the server stated that her service was great."

We all are so quick to pass judgement when none of us know all the facts!
We don't know if the server did a good or crappy job, we don't know if a cash tip was left, we don't know if the other 7 people tipped 30%. We don't know the exact reason the server was fired, we don't know when confronted by management if she swore at her manager or anything.

I'm assuming Applebees did not fire the server simply because of a complaint, but instead because of the legal issue of posting a CC receipt on the internet. Applebees obviously does not want a lawsuit because they are responsible for their employees.

In the end... is it wrong to tip 0%? Probably, but we don't know what occurred with the pastor/server/management/others in the party.


@j5: This is true, but I have family that have served as wait staff. In a lot of restaurants (national chain restaurants) any waiter not meeting their minimum wage quota for the night gets a write up. Three write ups in x amount of time gets you fired. So what happens on a bad night? Waiters fake their tips to just meet minimum wage, which means they pay taxes on money they never bring home. Take care of the people that bring you your food.


As much as what this person said sucks, Applebee's had to fire the server.

First, posting this customers legal signature is a huge breach of privacy, and most large employers have very clear rules prohibiting this. Customers, even big jerks, should expect that their information is treated securely.

Second, this was posted to reddit an site in which the name of the game is to have your submission upvoted on and become popular, this one became so popular that national news outlets picked it up, creating a PR nightmare for the whole Applebee's brand not just this one outlet.

Also, this wasn't her table

I hate Applebee's food, and this customer was very rude in writing what she did, and the whole server pay structure sucks, but posting compromising information online like that trumps the rest, I would have had to fire her too.


@jsoko: Actually, we do.
The pastor did leave a tip of $6.29
"The 37-year-old pastor explains herself: “What [the photo] didn’t show is the money that I left and that we all left on the table.

Pastor Bell claims she left $6.29 on the table and her credit card was also charged the tip amount. She also says everyone in the party left cash tips."

Also, the receipt had no CC information (very few, if any, do these days for security reasons), just the Pastor's name, which was the cause of termination.

Applebees wrote:
"Our Guests’ personal information – including their meal check – is private, and neither Applebee’s nor its franchisees have a right to share this information publicly. We value our Guests’ trust above all else. Our franchisee has apologized to the Guest and has taken disciplinary action with the Team Member for violating their Guest’s right to privacy. This individual is no longer employed by the franchisee."

@cw30755: Wow, that's a crappy way around the law.

j5 j5

@joshobra: I used to plan regular dinner meetings for groups of 10-20 at various local restaurants. There was always a notation on the menu about an automatic gratuity of 15% -18% for parties of eight or more.


@the18thtee84: That is like saying if you have never been a professional driver you have no right to have any opinion on any driving matter.


@jsoko: "the 1935 National Labor Relations Act establishes workers’ right to take collective action to improve their working conditions. The New Deal-era law that protects your right to strike or picket also protects your right to tweet or comment." -

I would assume this would cover posting to REDIT or what ever the site was.


The server should not have posted the signature. That being a given, although the chain had to let the server go (they are at risk of a lawsuit), this pastor is a jerk beyond jerks. Even if a cash tip were left, why write the insulting note? And then why whine and get another person fired after the matter goes public? I would not listen to this person on any religious or moral subject. I would hope never to be near that pastor. Ick.


@j5: lol, you post hear-say as facts. We still do not know all the details just another view that was likely skewed by media.

But if it is like you just said, this proves my point from everyone saying how horrible the pastor is, when the pastor says she tipped cash and was charged by credit.