questionsare you a warm, caring, open-hearted, generous…


Sorry. I have 3 Airedales.

They love Woot monkeys but they reduce them to fabric scraps in minutes. I can't provide a good home, only a quick execution.


@theoneill555 is a notorious monkey-hoarder. Or wrangler...take your pick. :)


is a home clearance visit required for adoption of these little creatures? what about an adoption fee?

can they be transported over state lines?

have you considered asking sarah mclaughlin to create a commercial asking for help in their upkeep?

i'd love to welcome them into my too much woot home.


@annwat: (1) An official home investigation visit is not required; I have other ways of determining if a prospective adopter is suitable. (2) There is no adoption fee. A reasonable history on deals.woot indicates (a) you have some disposable income, and (b) you probably aren't fabulously wealthy. Both are qualifying factors. (3) Yes, they can travel over state lines, unless you have some unspeakably evil ulterior purpose for wanting them, in which case you're subject to certain federal laws. (4) Yes, I did contact Ms. McLaughlin; she couldn't speak with me because she was busy looking for a box of tissues.

If you would like to adopt the family, I'll be happy to arrange first-class travel for them to your residence. Drop me a PM on the Woot side (and let me know here, please, if you do so) with pertinent contact information. I won't mention this to the kids until I know for certain, since I don't wish to raise their hopes of a new home prematurely.


Hilarious demonstration of the Rule of Unintended Consequences: My spouse walked past as I was loading this page for review, read the initial question I'd posted without noticing it was from me and said, with mock (?) sternness, "You cannot acquire 20 new Woot monkeys!"


I'd be up for fostering and adopting.


I would be happy to foster and/or adopt woot monkeys! I will make sure they always sleep in beds of woot shirts and woot hoodies, and I will cook their screaming monkey food in a woot! skillet.


If the kiddos have not found an adoptive home I would be willing to accomodate them on a comfortable shelf with a view. Conditions are attached, though. They must be willing to play nice with other Woot monkeys of varying ages both with and without tabs. There is room on the shelf but they would need to share.


@robingraves: Just because I have 378 +/- 20 woot! monkeys living in my private Woot! Monkey Preserve and Rehabilitation Center doesn't mean that I am a monkey horder :-)

@wilcononomous: Thanks for the shout out.

@magic cave: Any monkey is welcome to join my tribe in my Preserve. They will never be the play thing of a puppy or kitty or any other living thing that loves to run field tests of CRKT knives. mrmucox's monkeys have integrated nicely. Send me a PM and we can negotiate.


Sorry, city ordinance and home owner's association rules prohibit my owning even one monkey, let alone 20. Oh, W00T monkeys, never mind. The wife only begrudgingly allows the one we already have to stay, and that is in the garage.


from the posts so far, it looks like there are others who are far more qualified to assume the parental role for the woot babies. so i will remove my name from the candidates list and just ask that pictures of them (their faces can be blurred out since they are more than likely underage) in their new home.


@theoneill555, @pattiq, @neuropsychosocial, and @xarous:

I've had a very annoying and contentious afternoon with the monkey kids. It seems their much-vaunted easy socialability is a ruse, used only when I'm home so they can induce me to give them extra treats for their good behavior. Now that I'm home quite a bit, they've reverted to their true behaviors, which is constant squabbling and smacking each other. As it turns out, they're very amenable to going to different homes, as long as I try to keep each smaller tribe within the big tribe intact.

If you'd like to adopt some or all, please PM me with shipping info and I'll boot some quantity of the little beggars off to you later this week. It'll take me a day or two to figure out who belongs to which compatible tribe, so I can't tell you how many monkeys will be traveling your way.

@annwat: I appreciate your withdrawing, but you're more than welcome to some of the tribe. Just let me know.

My spouse thanks you all.


Single, not young, no monkey-hunting pets. Just sayin'. B-)


For those interested in adopting, the Triangle Club Thread does count @Magic Cave: as a member and you may pm her there, she's easily found on page one.

Magic - if any/all of these somehow fall through, I would happily adopt some or all of your wayward monkeys. My dogs do not get to interact with them, other than to watch them dangle/climb/play on the chandelier in the dining room. (Yes, there are several monkeys hanging from my chandelier as we speak.)


I submitted my application. We'd love to welcome some Woot monkeys into the family.


Oh, I thought you were starting a lonely hearts club. Darn.


I cannot find a button to PM you!

Please, I would like (a) monkey(s), but please not all 20!

reasons I would be a proper adoptive parent:
1. I, myself, was adopted!
2. Monkey is in my name!


Many thanks to all the wootizens who offered a home to the monkey tribe. If you sent a PM about it, you should now have a reply. I hope to have them all on their way across the miles to their new homes by Thursday or Friday; I'll post another note here with that info.

@thumperchick: thanks to you, too, for you link to the PM finder. I know this is the 1843rd time someone has said this, but WHY CAN'T WE HAVE A PM LINK OVER HERE!


@bdsmonkey: The official way to find the PM button is to use the link @thumperchick cleverly provided, then scroll down the page till you find my name (on the left side), then click on the teeny little envelope next to my name.

However, I think this link will take you right to the PM form. If not, then you're stuck using the PM link above.


@magic cave: Because that would make things WAY TOO EASY ON US


I am a bad care giver of woot monkies, I let mine run aroujnd at work unsupervised


@caffeine_dude: But I'll bet your monkey(s) LOVE you!


Have they had all their shots?


@xarous, @bdsmonkey, @stile99, @neuropsychosocial, @pattiq, @gt0163c : We had An Issue at home this week, so my schedule for sending the monkey kids out to their new homes fell apart. They will be going to the post office today, however!

For some weird technical reason I'm temporarily unable to post a question to AtC, so I'm stuck using this mechanism as a notifier. (I didn't want to send PM's as I don't know how often folks check them.)


@magic cave: Thank you for letting us know, and no worries, home stuff definitely takes priority. I know I've been suddenly smacked upside the head by life at times. Thank you again!


it's more fun this way. you kind of forget about it, and then when it shows up in the mail you're like what the hell??? and then you open it and your all like, oh yah! and it's like a surprise and a little mini-Christmas all wrapped up in 1 package! :)


@stile99: I am soooo sorry! The [cough [cough] ninny who addressed the package to you managed to get the address wrong, so the parcel was returned to me. It'll go back to the post office tomorrow with a corrected address.


I got my monkeys, YAY!! And I had forgotten, just like I said, so it was a little mini Christmas! YAY!!

Thank You!


@magic cave: I think the monkeys enjoy travel, so they escaped and changed the address. B-)


@magic cave: The monkeys arrived safe and sound. The poor things must have been sad leaving your home to need the tissues;) They were showoffs when they arrived. Two co-workers now need to start a collection of monkeys. They are mingling nicely with the rest of the monkey crew. Thank you!


@pattiq and @bdsmonkey: Thank you for letting me know of the safe arrivals! I worried about the little beggars, traveling alone without adult supervision, dependent on only their wiles and cunning for survival out in The Big Wide World.


@magic cave: New addition to the family has arrived safe and sound, thank you! I was wondering where to place his bed, then when I turned around he was gone! I turned back around and he had climbed to the top of the bookcase. Sneaky little guy!


@stile99: Thank you for letting me know he's in his new home. When I sealed the package I was very tempted to place the mailing label near the bottom, so he could look out and enjoy the trip, but I was quite concerned some nefarious person might take a liking to his silly little mug and steal him.

He can usually be lured down from high places with a grape or two; he's especially fond of the little white grapes.