questionsare led-backlit monitors better, worse, or theā€¦


Longer-lasting - (LED's can last close to 20 years, standard CCFL bulbs are 5-7).
More consistent brightness across screen (you can add Led's to all 4 sides of the screen).
More energy efficient

Used to cost more
Cheap ones have lots of bright spots along the edges


The major difference is the brightness consistency across the screen. The non-back lit are edge lit, which means that they are going to be brighter around the edges. On the higher end stuff it is not as noticeable, but the cheaper edge lit ones bother me. IMO it is more noticeable on the larger screens, like TVs, and not as bad on the smaller ones, but I have heard conflicting reports; probably because on the smaller screens (i.e. monitors) you are sitting closer.


@the18thtee84: I'm confused. To give some context, my current home monitor is 8 years old...

Do you mean that LCD panels are LED-lit, but some are lit from the edge, and some from the back?


@sfeitler: Having disassembled an LCD panel myself - most are edge lit, but have a big white reflective panel across the back of the screen. This evenly spreads the light around the screen.

If you re-assemble the monitor wrong (just a little out of alignment), you'll have a bright spot along the bottom. I can only imagine how bad cheap manufacturer's handle this.


@sfeitler I guess I should have clarified since I was answering the question about the LED backlighting in general not LCDs specifically. There are really 4 kinds of LED lit monitors; LCD-LED's (back/edge lit LCDs), back lit LEDs and edge lit LEDs. Both of the back lit LEDs are good choices (LED and LCD), but I am not a fan of the edge lit LEDs for the reasons stated previously.

Now if you are comparing the old CCFL LCDs to the new LED-LCDs, they are much better. Advantages of the LED-LCDs (listed below); I took this from Wikipedia, but it is a perfect answer.

produce images with greater dynamic contrast;
with edge-LED lighting can be extremely slim, some screens are about half an inch (1.29 cm) thick;
offer a wider color gamut when RGB-LED backlighting is used;
produce less environmental pollution on disposal;
have typically 20 to 30% lower power consumption;
are more reliable;
can allow a wider dimming range.

The cons are what @omnichad said


@the18thtee84: Thanks, that helps a lot.

If a monitor claims to be backlit, can I trust that claim?

I'm asking all this because there are 2 Newegg deals posted today, for Acer 23" (or 23.6") LCD monitors. One is LED backlit, the other doesn't say, so I assume it's edge-lit, or not LED lit at all? And the final price is the same, leading me to wonder how one would choose which to get.


@sfeitler: if it doesn't say LED, it probably isn't. Up until the last couple years they were all CCFL (flourescent) anyway.

The other says LED backlight, which isn't necessarily specific enough to say whether it's edge lit or back lit.


@sfeitler If they are the ones I am looking at over on newegg (both $129 after promo) then go with the LED-LCD. Seems to have a higher contrast ratio, HDMI, HDCP support, plus its backlit LED-LCD and its a decent brand name.

I assume you are comparing N82E16824009255 to N82E16824009305


@omnichad I agree. If it doesn't say it, its probably not LED back/edge lit.

But I would have to assume that it is a true back lit one because its pretty darn deep. Seems a little too deep to be edge lit.
21.35" x 15.87" x 12.92" (W x H x D)
Obviously this accounts for the stand as well, but it just seems like a little overkill for an edge lit.


@the18thtee84: Yes, the Newegg $129 deals. It seems like a good price, and I am quite interested in having something larger and shinier than my 8-year-old 17" square monitor.


@sfeitler Ummm... ANYTHING new is going to be better than an 8yo "17 monitor (lol)... It does seem like a pretty good deal. Especially a 23" one.

This was listed a day ago, and was one of the top deals for a bit. If you want to see some more opinions:


@the18thtee84: Well, yes, anything new will be better. But since I upgrade once every 8 years... :) I want to get something I'm apt to be happy with for a while.

The deal you linked is one of the ones that prompted me to ask.


They use less power and last longer, I doubt you will notice much difference while using one, but the power savings and longer life are nice.