questionsshould i get a ps3? or xbox 360?


I've never had an XBox, always had a PS, and love my PS3. So, although that isn't all that informative for you as far as a comparison goes... I'd say PS3 :-)

But, I guess if I were you, I'd consider if there are any game franchises for only one or the other that I needed to play. And, I'd possibly consider what more of my friends/family may have so I can do online co-op/multiplayer with them.


I agree with @kmeltzer. Ps3 all the way...unless you want to play halo, in which case you'll need an Xbox.


@kmeltzer: Yeah I really like some of the franchises on PS3, like FInal Fantasy and I don't really care about Halo. Some games are part of the reason I'm leaning more towards PS3.


I'm personally a fan of the PS3. However, look at what you'll use it for. You said BD is a consideration, so there's that. But you're looking at a gaming system. If you're going to play online, consider what your friends have, since you'll likely be playing online with them. I don't have a ton of friends with PS3s, but I still manage to enjoy playing online...just don't party up much.

Another consideration is system exclusives. To me, PS3 wins again because it has more that appeal to me, but you should still look at that.

Beyond that, they're essentially the same system. Any non-exclusive will be on both systems and they're both capable of streaming/ playing movies and music.

Since you seem to have the preference towards the PS3, that would be my recommendation.


It really depends on what you are into.

If you like pure handheld gaming (holding controllers) then I'd go with the PS3. The titles they have on the PS3 is really good too.

If you like moving gaming (like Kinect) then I'd go with the XBOX. It's somewhat like the Wii but you are the controller. This is also perfect for party and family games compared to PS3 where you'll need a controller for each person whereas in the Kinect you just go in the screen basically.

It's really hard to differentiate which two to get.. there are times when I wanted an XBOX (I actually bought one for Black Friday, but I sold it for profit) and there are times I'm glad I have a PS3.

Honestly, I bet the best time to get a console is Black Friday. They're really cheap. Plus I also heard in the news lately that the next generation consoles are coming soon (somewhere between next year and by 2015) so current consoles may start going down,

Either way, you'll be happy with either one.


You could have looked at this previous question or this one for an answer if you had searched. :)


Xbox 360 > PS3 for online game-play hands down. I have both a PS3 & an Xbox 360. My ps3 is in my living room for blu-ray capabilities and I do have a PS3-Move and a few PS3-exclusive game titles that I enjoy.

Other than that most of my gaming happens on the Xbox 360/Kinect or Nintendo Wii (Can't get Mario/Zelda anywhere else so can't rule out Nintendo products)

Keep in mind that the Kinect requires a lot of room between the sensor and you (unless you spend $20 on ) but I don't know how well it works.. I don't have a space issue.

If you can get your hands on one of the original FAT 60GB PS3's for cheap, I would suggest that-- then you would at least have backwards compatibility with PS2 games. Otherwise get a slim and be happy that it plays Blu Ray...

BTW: Streaming from a NAS is still better than having to bother with BluRay. and the Original Xbox modded is the best media center console... (best)


Is now a good time to get invested in a console?

The current gen has been out for a while.

On the other hand their probably won't be a ps4 for a while, and the price is pretty good now on both system.s


I have both, and honestly I have a lot more games (and I like a lot more of the games) on the 360. I also much prefer the controller for shooters. The L2 and R2 buttons on the PS3 controller--in a word--suck.

That's not to say that PS3 doesn't have good games. The Uncharted series is VERY good, and I loved MGS4 (although it's almost as much movie as game. LOOOOOONG cutscenes).

Of course the PS3 is the much more powerful of the two, and it's an excellent blu-ray player (but obviously unnecessarily expensive if that's all you use it for).

For what it's worth, the newer PS3's have no backward compatibility with PS2 games, while the 360 can play a good number of original Xbox games. That may not matter to you.

For online gaming, you have to pay for Xbox Live, but in my opinion the better service is worth the cost.

Basically just pick the console that has more games that you like, or the controller you prefer. No matter what anyone says, neither is really "better" for everyone.


I have both as well. If you don't have a blu-ray player and are thinking about jumping into that, PS3 is probably your best bet. I gotta give XBL live the nod over PSN though. The main reason I bought a 360 first was due to more of my friends having it so we could play online. The PS3 is still a great machine though (was my first blu-ray player). I love their exclusives. You can't go wrong with either. So buy both ;)


Thanks for the input! I ended up getting the PS3 bundle after a long debate with myself of whether or not I have the money for it.