questionsis it acceptable to post a free sample that was…


Anything over a month old should be allowed to be re-posted. I am inclined to say anything over a week old, but that might be pushing it.

The issue with deals.woot's setup is that there are so many deals that anything over a day old will almost never be seen unless it is being specifically searched for.


I disagree with @wnyx585am . I feel if the deal is still valid, then it should not be resubmitted. This is why we have the ability to tattle on duplicate deals.

For people looking for free samples, you can do a quick search and find all of them. Who wants to see the same free sample listed in the search 12 times because it gets posted once a month?


@cengland0: Most of the stuff I find on deals.woot has nothing to do with what I am looking for. I am rarely specifically looking for anything on deals.woot. I am just looking for good deals that I have an interest in. I would never go look for a free sample, but I might be very interested if I saw one.

I do agree that re-posting could easily get out of hand, but I think there must be some acceptable way to do it. Either that, or woot should re-organize the site to have categories, suggested items, etc. (which I don't necessarily think is a good idea).


I wish there was a way that a deal could be bumped. Maybe figure out use the voting system to do so. If a deal gets a bump vote 5 times, then it is put into the fresh category or something to that effect.


@wnyx585am: That's me in a nutshell. I look at deals.woot for current deals. It has never occurred to me to search for "free samples." What's more, every time I've done a search for a specific item, I just run into expired deals. Trying to find free samples that are not expired--since most things are not actually "RIP'd"--would require wading through lots of useless clicks.


I love the "bump" idea... @jumbowoot, thoughts?