questionsdo you have a loud fan?


I have the same problem. We moved into a house that was off a busy street awhile back and I had to drown out the traffic noise with a fan, now I can't sleep without it. I just use a box fan on the medium setting, works great.


Too many of my fans make noise. The A/C fan, my wiring closet fan, and my ceiling fans. The only silent ones are in my computer.

Guests have asked what that weird noise was when my air conditioner kicks on. They say it sounds like a train (but it's actually a "Trane").


All of my fans love cheering for me. They can be quite loud!


Maybe you would like to borrow my cat? He purrs pretty loud.


unfortunately, i have extremely EXTREMELY sensitive hearing. When i was in high school i had to get my hearing tested for a check up, and the nurses exact words were "supersonic" and she ran the test twice just to make sure. So my entire life, sleeping has been an ordeal. a neighbor slamming a car door is enough to wake me from a dead sleep with my fan going. the fan i've been using has been enough, but recently our neighbors dog has been barking at night. even with my tower fan on high right next to my bed, i can still hear it. i'm just looking for something a little louder. a white noise machine would be great if i could find one loud enough but most of htem are fairly quiet. i'd pay good money for a white noise machine that sounded like a running shower. when my wife jumps in the shower its like i took a handful of horse tranquilizers


Yeah and it gets annoying the way he keeps following me around the office. Though his regular encouragement does help me with my weekly reports...


Have you tried the thrift stores?