questionsdo you use g.i.m.p. as a photo editor?


Even though I have Photoshop Elements, I usually end up using Photoscape - which is good for about 98% of the editing I do.


Gimp is less a quick-fix editor than something meant for elaborate content alteration/creation. I think you'll find people who focus on shooting are going to use things with more streamlined, canned effects chains, whereas people who are building new content will use either Gimp or Photoshop.

Still, if you want to use gimp, there's a LOT you can do with the automation engine in it.


I use CS6 and Lightroom 4. I also use Picasa quick and fun adjustments. I have used GIMP, but found it cumbersome and hard to work with.


For photo editing, I've used "Adobe Lightroom" to mass edit my photos straight off the camera (and also process RAW files).

As for GIMP, only used it for simple editing and as someone mentioned above me.. the interface needs some getting used to after being with Photoshop for a while now plus it's just cumbersome to use.


I do use GIMP.

The things I like it best for are content creation and/or combination. For example, making an image for a "World's Best Grammy" tee, combining the words with a picture of the grandkids, and saving it with a transparent background for printing on a dark shirt.

For most basic photo editing, it seems like overkill - it's slow to start up, effects are (imho) hard to sort out, etc. Great software, just not for that purpose.


I have gimp. I am trying to learn it when I have time to mess around. Mostly to edit a photo, I use CodedColor PhotoStudio. I got it at giveaway of the day for free. My main intent is to do small color corrections and try to hide the hideous florescent lighting tone that I end up with.


I'd be shocked to learn that any non-professionals, or non-students, actually payed for Photoshop (not Lightroom or elements, they're affordable).

I use GIMP for more detailed work, but for quick fixes and the like, IrfanView works quite well.

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I take good photos and do not to edit. ;)

I actually have GIMP.


I use Photoshop CS 5.5. I work for a University so I qualify for the student discount. I was able to get 80% off of 60% off due to a coupon glitch earlier this year that Adobe offered. Actually, the whole CS 5.5 Design Premium Suite.

I've been using Photoshop for over 10 years, but could never get the hang of GIMP. I do use Paint.NET for a few things at work since I don't have Photoshop here, which is also a nice program.


I guess I don't understand why people comment on Gimp being hard to use since I've been using it since close to it's original launch. (Also used photoshop for a lot of years, though didn't keep spending the money to stay up to date and lost touch with it.)

If you need Gimp pointers, feel free to ask, but again, it's generally not for simple tweaks.


@j5: I have Ifranview at work for simple ad stuff. I am not a professional photographer but I am a serious amatuer photographer and semi-pro designer. I purchased CS6 Design Suite for a number of reasons. However, like @omnichad, I purchased it from my daughters university at a significantly reduced price.

@paux: GIMP UI is not as easy to use right after the download as a ton of other products. It also doesn't do all I need it to do to use it in leiu of the products I currently use. It takes a tremendous amount of playing around or searching forums for how to's to make it halfway easy. While I have used it, I do not have the required time to research things I already know how to do in CS.


I use 6-7 computers, some with Windows, some Linux.

I use GIMP because it is cross platform and supports layers and many filters. Very simple edits I use whatever is handy.

On Windows, besides GIMP I use Corel PainShop Pro, but Picassa on the web is also very handy.

However, you can also get nice for some things using a web based tool that looks a lot like a GIMP port. Visit


I've used Gimp for years, and if you're a Photoshop devotee(or slave, your call), you ought to look at Gimpshop. Does lots of the same, costs the same as Gimp.


No, I use it as a personal exercise coach.