questionswhat artists have been ignored by the rock & roll…


Pete Rose.
Oh, sorry, wrong list. :-)


I don't think the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame actually understands what they're even supposed to be doing. They keep inducting jazz and blues acts which are talented and sell a lot of records but aren't Rock and Roll at all. Seriously... Miles Davis??? Brilliant guy, but about as Rock and Roll as I am. It's like if the Jazz Hall of Fame announced a huge Metallica exhibit.


Kiss, and Heart. I could go on and on. My only complaint is these people who are in that are anything but good ol' Rock and Roll..


Jem and the Holograms have been ignored for years. Don't those guys in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame know that they're truly, truly outrageous?


Weird Al Yankovic. I know it seems silly, but there are a good number who feel that it's time to give the guy a nod. After all, he's outlasted and outlived some of the people that he's parodied, and he comes up with some pretty fun stuff that are "in the style of" works, like 'Dare to be Stupid.'

I'm pretty sure there are several websites solely devoted to the endeavor as well.


@capguncowboy: ♥. I also didn't realize that LL Cool J was a rocker.....


Oingo Boingo and They Might Be Giants.

Another personal favorite is Bad Religion, the only punk band whose lyrics require a thesaurus.

And of course, Weird Al Yankovic. Seriously...


@tarasadies: Right on! Especially since they sang "I Wanna Rock and Roll All Night (and Party Everyday)". What gives??


There needs to be a Rock & Roll Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Since the original isn't.


Perhaps in addition, which artists should have been ignored by the Rock and Roll hall of fame?


Well, you pegged the one I was going to mention when I saw the question posted... how in the world is Kiss not in?