questionspop.woot is back?


I have a feeling it is based on the "stockingstuffers.woot" requests...


It's just another way to make more money in the last weeks before Christmas.


A bit more tempted this time than last. Gotta sort thru options for the Christmas list.


i'm sure woot just lets the criticism of it's very obvious business model evolution roll off its back, but it probably should take the comments to heart.

if you venture too far away from the deal a day strategy you'll eventually appear as little more than a retail site like that offers a really lousy selection of products. a strikethrough symbol on MSRP paired with an offered price in larger sized font? yeah, amazon has done it for years. as your "deals" continue to be counterfeited by other retailers, and the price differences between your offerings and those made by others shrink even further, it doesn't take the savviest of business strategists to realize you better do what you can to right the ship more sooner than later. lose the original, dedicated wooter crowd and you've done a great disservice to the likelihood that brand woot won't eventually be folded into amazon gold box deals. perhaps, however, that's what you eventually would like to see happen.

all told.


Regarding the pop.woot offers - If the site were still a deal-a-day site, the popup stores would be a beloved treat for wooters. As it is, they're simply another mega woot+ sale, with loosely grouped items under some contrived "theme" - just like woot+ - and aimed at grabbing the holiday shopping crowd. What's killing me about it though - is how far off the mark this sale still is! Stocking stuffers = small items, usually <$10-20, that are fun/quirky, and fit in a stocking. I guess you could put a $250 mechanical pencil in a stocking, with all of the batteries, and a case of 5-hour energy...

Now, since the site isn't a deal-a-day site... just get a cart system. Make the sales searchable. This halfway think take FOREVER to navigate.


Agree w/@thumperchick who said: "Now, since the site isn't a deal-a-day site... just get a cart system. Make the sales searchable. This halfway think take FOREVER to navigate." (among other things.)

@shawnmiller You have listed 'some' of the stockingstuffer items. And that's nice. Would be a lot better if one could SEARCH for items they would like. A drop down SEARCH function. And a CART to put all the goodies in. You know, like any other store-front site. I don't want to spend endless amounts of time looking through 'aisles and bins'. I would like to find what I'm looking for in an easy, customer friendly manner.

Thanks for some requested stocking-stuffer items, though.


@shawnmiller: Thank you for digging up all of those links. I disagree about whether they all meet the criteria (once you include shipping) - but appreciate the gesture.

I did not intend to hijack the thread into a rant; reading an answer before mine got my gears moving and that's what came out.


I don't think this is what most of us had in mind when we were discussing $9 for 5 pieces of candy??? $1799 for a massage chair (not sure what kind of stocking it would fit in!)??? There may be some bargains in there somewhere, but there are too many links and to much junk to look through, and not enough <$10 items. You could have offered the exact same things woot-off style, and probably had more excitement, but right now it's just a cluttered mess.


+1 for the cart system.

took me like 5 minutes to buy all the bacon salts for my old man. It's also going to show up in 8 boxes. talk about a hassle...


@cowboydann: Jeeeezzzz! It took me forever to just find the bacon salts. They're not in the pop.up Jingle Binge tab. They're a plus(ish) item on the regular woot tab. Good example of how awkward it is to find anything on this site.

Search function & Cart....SO needed here!