questionsdoes there seem to be more "self-posters" on here…


Please tattle on the sites you are referring to and we will review them to determine if they are a good fit for this community.

All told.


Well, I understand your point but I don't really think it is a problem. They aren't going to keep posting these "deals" is no one buys them because it was posted here. I don't think people or websites will keep spending time posting here if they don't see a return on their time investment. That is, of course, they aren't just here for the $5 coupons from Jumbowoot...


I've seen it, but I'm not too bothered by it. I tattle any that seem particularly spammy to me, otherwise I just downvote or ignore. Woot's a heck of a community, I totally understand why businesses would want to promote here. They just don't always understand the concept of us being a deals-oriented community, but hey. If it can bring them business, more power to them. If not, they'll either get banned or give up upon realizing that it's not going to be a profitable venture for them.


There's a reason they're never popular.


I see an influx of self-posters with incorrect usernames.

Posting for a site, owns/runs/works for site "" but their user name is "Wafflesforfree". I try to let them know and point them in the right direction, if I see no change and they keep posting I will tattle as an other and let staff/mods/gods know.

vote-for3vote-against y'all's not that they're bothering me...but if I routinely posted on here and every time I got lot's of negatives..well, they're either dodging the clue hammer or their just posting whatever and don't care...I just noticed there's 4 or 5 now...when there used to be only 1 or 2....

There are some people who post from their own sites..but they DO seem to be pointing at their deals...those I don't mind...The ones for $300 motorcycle fairings or $185 modems are example of "why is this on here?" (both of which are not deals and can be found much cheaper online).

Ah..I'm just feeling old and grumpy.


Some of the other deal sites have a policy that you can NOT post your own offers. Either a deal hunter finds and posts a deal, or the deal must be officially sponsored. It seems to work well.


I am particularly annoyed by commercial sites that regularly post non-deals -- no reduced or sale prices, no coupon discounts, no free shipping, etc. I've tattled on them in the past, although they seem to be permitted to continue posting more non-deals.

Lately the self-posting companies seem to cluster in the categories of women's dresses, weird electronic geegaws, and wholesale lighting fixtures. A pox on all of them!