questionscan i take a moment to thank pemberducky?


Oh, and I did make damn sure she knew exactly how and why she has that. No way I was taking that credit for that - it was all you folks at Woot. Think it's safe to say you also have a new customer now!


It's things like this that gives me hope for Woot! It may have changed over the years (much for the worse it seems), but every now and then something like this happens and it's a +1 to Woot.


@pemberducky: that was a very considerate gesture. While I may have my issues with wOOt of late. It is the actions like this from the deals.woot staff that keeps me coming back in to this site. Karma points to you.


Way cool! I like how the staff is present and active here. Great surprise!


Wow! That was really sweet of her! @pemberducky, you are just too sweet! Seeing the kindness of the mods, and even fellow wootizens is what keeps me here!


Yay @pemberducky and yay Woot! And thanks @bingo969 for sharing a great story.


Nice move @pemberducky. Now could we get you to pose for an ohcheri deal or two? ;)


You made me get all misty eyed. Stuff like this is why there is a community here.

@Pemberducky - you rock.


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And @pemberducky does indeed rock! She's awesome - and what a wonderful display of the strength of this community and what makes it so special.


sure you can...why do you need to "ask" us? thank her yourself. this questions nonsense is ridiculous amirite?


@pinchecat: Because I'd like to do it publicly. Pemberducky deserves some props for doing that completely without prompting or asking. And Woot deserves some props for empowering staff to be able to do things like that. While my guess is that neither PB or Woot did it for the press as there was no note, name or other notification about it I think they deserve it. It's a small item sure but it still shows they are active, paying attention and give a box of craps.


@woot & its employees are so awesome, you should be able to eat them with a spoon!

More good humans are needed in this world. Nice to know @pemberducky is one of them xoxo


@pinchecat: Those negative votes are like caffeine to you, aren't they?


oh, you are so very welcome! sorry for not responding sooner - i've been out of the office.
i sure do appreciate your wonderful words, but i can't take credit.
the hard-working, behind-the-scenes customer service peeps got that shirt to your door.

so glad it made her happy. it sounded like she deserved a smile.
like i said - you're a really good friend.


You the Man!, er Person!, er Duck!


@jsimsace: oh man. nobody wants that, trust me.