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I guess until this shows up on the tv cop shows, the word won't get out. Really, I've never heard of this before. So in my address brook as an entry of "ICE", put emergency contact info?


I didn't know about this! Now I can get rid of my Medical Alert Pendent from Life Pendent Alert Systems ( ).

Hehe, sorry, this question just made me think of the old "Fallen down and can't get up commercials", and I had to jest. I honestly didn't know this...


@w00tgurl: Right - or you can just put "ICE" in front of the name(s) you would like contacted.

Example: ICE - Mom, or ICE - Joe Smith


That is great, I have been keeping it on a card, taped to my ID, but will augment with this too.

I just saw this related article, hope it expands to other areas:


I have 911 next to my husband's name in my contacts. Someone told me to use that a few years ago. I had not heard ICE until now.


Another use of ICE is for a locked phone. If your phone gets PW locked and you forget the PW(or the PW somehow gets goofed up, this happened to my daughter) you are still able to call ICE numbers. You can't call anything else but you can call ICE numbers. This feature(that I didn't even know of) really saved the day :)


Thanks for this. I too have my numbers taped to my DL but this is great.


I just checked with three different first responder types that I know, and they all said the equivalent of "Say what?" (although they all thought it was a good idea, couldn't hurt, that kind of thing). Maybe this is something that's just in the large population centers, and needs to work its way out?

I think it's a good idea, but I am far too lazy to do it myself.

Interesting thought, though. I am now going to ask others if they've heard of this. Who knows? Maybe it'll spread, right?


I've used ICE on my cell phone for several years. Gee, I would never of thought that Kansas would be a leader in anything. Yay us!!

Cue the Twilight Zone theme music--I was just updating my ICE info yesterday.


I use "911 - [name]" simply because it shows up first in my contact list. Although, my phone allows my to create 3 emergency contacts which can be called even when the phone is locked (by pressing the emergency call button)


Hi, @shrdlu!
I did some research before posting the info this morning, I think this article is one with balanced information:

There are many links out there, apparently the idea was initiated by a British paramedic in 2005. Anyway, I think at lease some responders are aware of it. Thanks for checking with your friends. I think you're right - it probably does need more publicity.

Edit - Here's a site where you can get free ICE stickers to put on your phone to alert responders to check there - .


My cellphone has an emergency contact and listing that is accessible even when the phone is locked. It has wife's number, the hospital to take me to, blood type and that I'm allergic to penicillin. All the droid phones that I've seen have this.

Also, being one that would use this, I check all phones for this if I need it when I contact someone that can't communicate.


@notanaardvark: I forgot my manners. Thank you for posting this. I've checked a bit further, and it does seem to be related to population density. It'll get out my way in a few years. ;-}

I was pretty confused when I first read the question, though. You spoke of loading "ICE" into your phone. The ICE I know is a bit different.

Ah, those were the days.


@notanaardvark: seriously doubt the paramedic in england in 2005 part. i was working the september 11 disaster day. we had a coworker that passed out from the info, we tried contacting family but couldn't find anyone. next day we all got a lecture on putting ICE in our cell phones.

edit: for info sake i live in rural area.


@shrdlu: Ha, quite the opposite intention. This ICE invites intrusion, in a way.

@moosezilla: I saw the reference on several sites, including this:, but I don't doubt your experience. Probably just not many knew about it that early, I know there were far fewer cell phones. Were you in NYC on 9/11?


I thought the first contact they look for is "mom"


Dear Abby had a letter about this recently. She suggested that since not everyone knows what ICE stands for to simply store the number as "Emergency Contact."


How about "HELP" next to the appropriate number?


@notanaardvark: not even in new york. i have always lived in illinois. and at that point in time very southern part of illinois that had a state college, a mall and a new fangled walmart supercenter.

also i'm not so sure i like the idea of having a special person mentioned because when you label things as hubby wifey mom dad etc then person who found the phone in the purse that was lost can just text "hey, i forgot the pin number" and all your money is gone


I knew about ICE. I have my home number listed as such, since it's my moms number.

I do like the Emergency Contact idea though, because I'm not sure how many responders around here are aware of it. I'm in a suburban area, but I'm going to ask around. I know a few paramedics.


The Ohio BMV has a program whereby you register two emergency contacts with them. Anyone in authority checking your driver's license can immediately get your emergency contact name and number.


I heard of this after 9/11. Its perfect...tell all your friends.


I feel dumb as a brick, for not only not knowing about ICE, but for not thinking to even put an emergency number in the phone to begin with.

I have a 16 daughter in the process of getting her drivers license, and she keeps her cell locked.

How would they get past the "locked" feature, to access the ICE or emergency numbers?

Thanks for this "heads up" OP


I've heard of ICE but I do mine differently.

I force grouping of my contacts (iPhone) by using prefixes to the names.

AA for important people puts them at the top (Son, Brother). One is 'AA - Me' with my info so if I'm unconscious, they know who the heck I am.

F for family. I have the relationship for each in (parentheses)

D for Doctors, pharmacy, vet

W for Woot people (heh)


@wolfsmane: I also keep my phone locked, but on mine (android) there is an option to list information on the lock screen. That way, even if somebody steals your phone all they have is your name and a secondary/emergency number, the same thing you'd want an emergency responder to have.


I've had ICE numbers for years. Of course, now that I have an iPhone I have a passcode and that defeats the purpose.

My last "plain old" phone (Samsung Intensity, I think) actually had a feature where you could mark contacts as ICE and they would appear red in the contact list. I wish other phones did that. I'll have to look into finding a tweak like the lock screen app for Androids mentioned above.


@wolfsmane: "How would they get past the "locked" feature, to access the ICE or emergency numbers?"
Not sure if all phones are the same but on my daughters Motorola when her phone was locked and she tried to dial, the only numbers she had access to were numbers she had previously entered in as ICE. Again not sure how other phones work but I guess you could lock your phone and see exactly what phone numbers(if any) you had access to.


I've got the Galaxy S 2, and I don't see an area for emergency numbers.

When You turn on the phone, the unlock screen appears, and it has an emergency dial button. When you choose that, you only have access to a dial pad, no preset numbers show up.

Seems to be the same on my daughters MyTouch Slide 4g