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The Earth Day Derby is always my favorite (non-science) theme. I usually buy at least 2 of the three winners. Hope this year rocks just as much!


I hate the sierra club. They've become extremists that oppose all logging and industry and recreation on public lands, and do everything in their power to destroy America's economy.

If they had their way, I could never again go off road in my 4x4, only people they approve of would have access to places like Yosemite and Yellowstone, all mining would be banned, and hunting would no longer be allowed. These people even oppose large scale solar electric facilities in the middle of the desert because covering 1/1000th of 1% of the desert floor would affect the tortoises too much. They even trying to block wind generation of electric power because they think too many birds are killed by the turbines. They not only try to block new dams from being built, but they also try to get already existing dams removed.

These people are extremists in every sense of the word.


While I wholeheartedly support the original purpose and motives of the sierra club (preserving nature and parks for the future enjoyment of all people), they are today a radical organization that needs to be stopped.

for more details on them, read this:

"There's nothing wrong with being a terrorist, as long as you win. Then you write history." These chilling words may sound like an Al Qaeda credo, but they aren't. They are the words of Sierra Club board member Paul Watson, one of the most influential leaders of the sierra club.

I occasionally buy shirt.woot shirts, and even recently the shift to Anvil blanks didn't bother me too much. I will however, refuse to buy any shirts from someone who sides with the sierra club.


As a dyed in the wool environmentalist, I urge caution to Woot doing any co-op ventures with the Sierra Club. They are fringe extremists who don't speak for those of us interested in conservation and preservation of open space.


I'm a huge supporter in tread lightly, and stay the path, I love offroading and I do my part in cleaning up and leaving it better than I found it. With that said, I will not support anything having to do with the Sierra Club.


LOL you guys think the Sierra Club is an extremist group? I do consider myself an environmentalist and I have to say that they are pretty tame overall. If you want to talk about some extremist groups look no further than the ELF (Earth Liberation Front) and the Sea Shepard Conservation Society. The ELF is an eco-terrorist group that seeks to "disrupt any exploitation or destruction of the environment" which usually translates to arson and vandalism. They've set fire to the Oregon ranger station, SUV dealerships, housing developments,University of Washington, set of a gasoline bomb at Michigan State University, and attempted to set off explosives at Michigan Technological University. They also have worked with the ALF (Animal liberation front) in firebombing operations in teh past.


Paul Watson is a liar and what I consider an eco-terrorist. He hasn't been with the Sierra Club since 2006 when he left because he was offended by a "Why I hunt" essay contest the Sierra Club sponsored. Even Greenpeace (which he claims to have been a co-founder) voted 11-1 to kick Watson off the board in 1977. His "Sea Shepard Conservation Society" stalks whaling/fishing ships and actively confronts them by throwing containers of Butyric acid (imagine the smell of vomit)at ships, pointing lasers into crewmen's eyes, even boarding the ships to destroy/"confiscate" nets. They also endanger lives by running their boats into the whaler/fishing boats.
In the end my point is that the Sierra club isn't as extremist as people seem to think they are as they've actually compromised with loggers in the Dakota Black hills area and from what I've read form the Sierra Club's site they only block wind turbines unless it can be proven that it will have a minimum impact on birds/bats


@cheezybeez: The sierra club board members have admitted that they sponsor and help organize some of the more extreme groups like ELF, with the intention to make the sierra club look more moderate to mainstream America.

They have refused to condemn acts of environmental terrorism like burning building, and they support an end to ALL industrialization.

Among other offensive positions the sierra club has taken is their desire to see LEGAL immigration reduced or eliminated, and their belief that there are too many humans and that all governments should try to drastically reduce birth rates.

these morons even support the lawsuits brought against humans on behalf of animals that claim animals are held in slavery.


@kamikazeken: You should never cite Activist Cash as a source. There is really no more disreputable organization out there. Google around a bit. They're a front group for the ill-named "Center for Consumer Freedom." Basically it's all a front group for alcohol/tobacco/restaurant interests, consumer be damned.

The Center for Consumer Freedom (and Activist Cash and numerous other websites they run) is really one of the worst organizations around.


@kamikazeken: As it has been said your main source for this info doesn't look very credible (has no citations or sources as to how or where they got the info) and from what you've said about promoting ELf and immigration/eugenics is outdated and kinda off. Instead of lumping the entire organization as "THEM", a lot of what you mention has to do with individual board members who were either kicked out or left because they thought the Sierra Club was too passive. I think you missed my point that IMO the Sierra Club isn't as crazy as you make them out to be. At least the SC is willing to compromise for a solution and knows that extremist views doesn't get anything done (also your tidbit on the lawsuit against humans sounds more like Peta)


they aren't willing to compromise. They pretend to compromise, and then they start fighting the very compromise they agrees upon.

Their members are either naive fools, or extremist whackos.

I listed that particular site as a reference because it details a very extensive summary of the last 25 years of sierra club activities all in one place. I get my information from various sources, including the sierra club's own website.

read some of the victories they tout on their own site