questionsdid you get your head lamps and mystery items…


I did not get this deal, I can't help but feel like 13deals put on their best behavior on this deal though, They're usually really slow shipping (Which I have NO problem with, their prices are usually pretty good). I hope this means they will be quicker in the future, but if not then that is alright too.

I'd really like to know if anyone had any problems and how well they were handled.

Edit: seems like it took a couple weeks which is what I expect out of 13 deals. Kudos 13Deals.


I've ordered a few things from 13deals in the past, and while it's usually extremely slow shipping, It's like a surprise "present" when it comes in because by the time you get it, you forgot what you ordered...


looks like mine is sitting on my doorstep as we speak. Although they are not the quickest, they do send out your $5.00 gift card code in a timely matter.


Never dealt with them. I don't like sloooooow shipping.


Yes, got them a few days ago! I got a mystery item before (I can't remember if it was from 13 deals or not... My memory is iffy), but it was a misogynystic magnet, so I tossed it. I skipped the mystery item this time.


I just looked at my orders... It was from, which is the same as (I think they are owned and operated by the same company). Sorry I don't recall what the MM said. :) I just remember thinking, "obnoxious!", and tossing it.

I'm not complaining at all--I didn't care, but wouldn't try it again either.


I've bought several items from 13deals. I don't care about slow shipping, as long as I know what to expect, and I've never had any problem with the merchandise itself.


i got mine. i bought one of the mystery items. it ended up being a stress relief kitty. basically a small stuffed kitten that you can rip the head off of.


I've ordered twice from 13deals. Like everyone has said, shipping is slow (two weeks at least) but I got everything I ordered. I wouldn't recommend true mystery items, though. I ordered $5 of mystery items in each order. I got the same mini binoculars in both, and I found them online for $4 each. Lame.