questionsare you looking for great back to school deals?


i'll start us off:
WALGREENS (good thru 8/18)
--0.29 per 10 pk/ papermate pens
--0.29 per 5 pk/papermate mec. pencils
--0.09 per 2 pocket paper folder
--0.49 per 6ok papermate highlighters

STAPLES (good thru 8/18)
--0.25 per 8pk pencil limit 2
--0.50 per 2pk 2fl oz hand sanitizer limit 6
--free (after rebate) 7pk zebra pens limit 1
--0.10 (with $5 additional purchase) graph or comp notebooks limit 3

BEST BUY (good thru 8/18) ALL LIMIT 10
--0.10 per 24 pk generic crayons
--0.10 per bottle roseart washable school glue
--0.10 per lg. glue stick roseart


Those are all awesome deals! Thanks to you, I'm in for 11. :)


Office Depot:
$0.01 for plastic rulers (limit 3)
$0.01 for notebooks (limit 3)
$0.01 for vinyl storage pouches (limit 3)

You can check out for a list of some more school supplies that are on sale.


More stuff to add to Staples (might be limted to California, unsure)
-- you can recycle your old binders for $2, towards the purchase of a new binder.
-- spend $10 on a back to school savings pass, get 15% off the total purchase of school supplies and some office supplies*
*limits -- can only be used once per day, expires Sept 18th.
-- also a $5 off total purchase coupon for purchases over $50, can print it off the website or one customer got it off an ad we had in the store.

Ad is here for those that don't want to have to look it up

Fairly certain these are all in-store offers only.

vote-for0vote-against has all ready started. Friday was my eldest's first day back.


@xarous: School hasn't started for a huge number of kids in the U.S., as evidenced by the continuing Back to School sales. The OP is trying to do some good; why piss all over it?


@curli76: Why get so defensive for the OP. I wasn't "pissing" all over it. Simple pointing out the nasty possibility that the end is nigh...I mean, school is in session all ready for us.

Just to be productive:
Office Max Back to School Deals 8/12-8/19

Folders- FREE with $5 Min. Purchase

Avery Ready Index 5 tab Color Dividers 6 pk - $0.01 after Max Perks Rewards

Heavy Duty or Durable View Binders - $0.01 after Max Perks Rewards

OfficeMax LaserJet or Inkjet Printer Paper - $0.01 after Max Perks Rewards

Avery Address Labels - $0.01 after Max Perks Rewards


@xarous: Because when someone types Ummm... at the beginning of an answer, it usually means that they want to OP to feel stupid or at least irrelevant, and that was uncalled for.


@curli76: Assuming my meaning and trolling me for it is uncalled for, even after I clarified it. Thanks for the troll, it was fun, but I have more important things to do today.


@curli76 @xarous: STOP! Shake hands. Both of you say you're sorry. Pat each others shoulders in that "no problem" kind of way and move along.


@thunderthighs: Yes ma'am.

P.S. (Did you look into melatonin yet?)


@xarous: Yes and it doesn't play nice with Cymbalta. I used Lunesta for a couple days a couple years ago and got severly depressed. Found out it was an interaction with Cymbalta too. So I'm always really careful about what I mix with my happy pills.


New Deals -
Grumpy old trolls: Free forever or until Al Gore comes up with a new internet.


Back to school filled me with such a sense of impending dread for so long it is just in the last few years I have discovered I actually like fall.