questionshow would you like an "unreckoned.woot!?


I has too many woots already.


@jsimsace: But think about the rest of us who want even more. ;-)


As it is, the side sales (woot plus) has a variety of older designs available for sale. Alas, getting them printed properly is a whole other matter. Look up the Quality Control concerns thread for more details.

When Woot addresses those issues, AND the blanks, then maybe a "nominate for reprints" will make sense.


@narfcake: I did not know about the problems. Thanks for pointing that out. I still feel my idea is a good one, as long as they get the problems corrected.


@jsimsace: The thread about quality control concerns to which @narfcake referred includes wide-ranging complaints. Shirt.woot seems to have overextended itself or understaffed itself or otherwise is simply unable to produce adequate product. At the moment, fixing those concerns should get top priority - although it doesn't appear to be any kind of a priority.

As for "simple matter to reprint" - no, not really. @narfcake is the expert here, but there's set-up time as well as clean-up time. That prep/cleaning time is money: someone is being paid to do it, plus the machine isn't earning money while it's idle.

The debate about reprinting old designs (or moving Binge and Nevermore to a separate "Hamper of Fame") has been going on for ages. It would move away from the One Day/One Deal or the Once Reckoned/Shirt Go Away Forever ethos of woot - although it would be in line with the new Several Days/600 "Deals"/And You'll See It Again In The Woot-Off ethos.


@jsimsace: Whoops! Accident!! My apologies! It sounds like I really confused you!

I noticed that the OP had responded, so after I'd read through all the responses to the thread, I hit "reply" to direct my post to him/her - but apparently did so on the first reply (yours) instead of the second reply (the OP's). You both have usernames that start with the same letter and are similar lengths! I'm sure it's not the first time on deals that someone has accidentally hit reply to the wrong response - and while I'm sure it will happen again on deals - but I feel so badly because you sound so confused. :(

vote-for4vote-against Been there. Done that. Bought a t-shirt. They ended that experiment, though.

They have been bringing back a few designs each week - for one week - that match whatever theme they hit on the dartboard. It's currently directly under the "woot!plus" logo on, and the current theme is "Let's Talk About Text, Baby".

edit: Or... what narfcake said.