questionsfavorite chili brand?


The stuff I make at home is the best, hands down!


Well, you've already acknowledged that homemade is generally the best (though I'll grant that some homemade may make Hormel taste great).

Chili is one of those things that I generally do not eat unless homemade (other than occasionally at Wendy's).

Hormel really isn't that good. I've never tried Stagg or Wolf (never even heard of them), so I cannot compare. There are a few store brands (eg. Fresh Direct) that I've tried and thought were ok, though not good enough to ever purchase again.


Wolf chili is pretty good when I can't make my own. Usually I only buy the bean-free and use it for chili dogs. I very rarely eat chili that I don't make myself.


@baqui63: forgot about Wendy's... If you can find Wolf give it a try...surprisingly they carry it only at one of my local Target stores(i believe Walmart carries it too)



Ah, I generally don't (grocery) shop at Target or Walmart (both are out of my way and neither saves all that much the way I tend to buy groceries).

I'll look for the chili at Target the next time I'm there (if I remember, anyway).


Agree about Stagg. It's definitely my favorite canned chili. Second would go to Campbell's Chunky Roadhouse/Firehouse. I've searched long and wide for good canned chili and these are by far the best.

I know it's sacrilege to ever put "turkey" and "chili" in the same sentence (without also using the words, "don't put" and "in my"), but Trader Joe's has a pretty good canned Turkey Chili w/ beans.


Stagg's my favorite by far. Unfortunately I can't get it locally anymore, so amazon's my only option and they don't always have it.

I just bought a 24-pack of Wolf because it was dirt cheap and don't really care for it. It's edible, but I'd rather eat Stagg or Campbells.


Like I mentioned in your hoagie thread, whatever Firehouse Subs sells is the best not made from scratch chili I've had. Maybe one day I'll remember to ask them what brand it is while I'm there.


If home made isn't available, my family likes Denison's brand canned chili. I like to dress it up a bit with chopped onion, chopped fresh tomatoes and grated cheese. Not bad for a quick lunch/dinner.


I appear to be a total blasphemer-- I love Hormel's Turkey Chili.

Also, Skyline Cincinnati Chili > Gold Star.


@purplefeather: Thanks for the tip on the chili too :)


Ya know, you could always mix, match and add to. Too.
Two Stag, one Wolf, onions and cheese.
Cooked in a little meatloaf pan on the grill, to add that fresh smoky burnt meat drippings flavor. My wife doesn't like chili- unless I do it this way.


Campbell's Chunky Firehouse.