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Vegas. Just go.
There are huuge amounts of sights to see that don't involve gambling and/or drinking. Especially those type of places. Cruising Circus Circus or Luxor is kewl by itself.
You can stay in your room for the weekend; pick one with a view, and you can live on room service and takeout if you want.
Don't even drive- go outside, wave down a cab (or have the concierge get you one) and go anywhere.
I almost always hit up Ripleys, and a few new shows when I go.
Go see KA. You may need a scarf to keep your jaw from dragging when you leave. If Blue Man is still playing see them next.


This is where we will be staying on our upcoming trip to Denver:

We'll also be attending a baseball game and have tickets to a comedy club. Denver is the perfect combination of natural beauty and party possibilities.


Look at Bed and Breakfasts. They are cheaper (most of the time, but have a more homey feel. Plus, every one that I have been to had a fabulous staff and are usually in pretty neat places.

What to do in Colorado

New Mexico
What to do in New Mexico

Add: We try to stay by/in state parks, as that is where we go hiking a lot. I included links to tourist bureaus, so you can find the state parks link there. Some have cabins, and that is fun.