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Oooo sadness... my fluffy onyx and freshwater pearl necklace was relegated to near the bottom of the page.

They don't happen to randomly rearrange themselves every time someone visits? Does everyone else also see the tanzanite heart pendant on the WAY bottom?

Thanks a lot for the fun contest!

::fingers crossed!::


@novastarj: The last time this contest occurred, the voting page was supposedly randomized, so I'm not sure why they didn't think of it this time!
(I didn't actually see the voting page that time so I can't say for sure whether this happened in the end)


@cityonthesea & @novastarj: Don't worry, we've got your back. Entries are totally randomized, they just stay in the same order for each person who views them. If you wanna see that in action, try going to in two different web browsers.


@drsilentg: The standings aren't shown during the voting. We think it could skew the results - same reason they don't start giving election results until the polls close. So vote for what you like and all will be revealed in good time.


@drsilentg: Also, our respect for intellectual properly means we are required to point out that it is just an apple pendant, not the Apple logo... Although it's not a technology product, that might still be considered a trademark violation. So consider it a lovely bit of sparkly fruit, a tribute to Sir Isaac Newton, a celebration of Washington state's agriculture, a reminder of the Garden of Eden story, or whatever you like. If it reminds you of your fondness for certain technology products... well, hey, we can't tell you what to think, right?


@jewelrycom: correct! thanks for not censoring me :D


Ladies and Gents, thank you all for posting your faves and voting for your fellow wooters. This one was pretty close, but we are pleased to announce we have a winner! @icram brought it home with the number one vote by a margin of 268 votes! Congratulations and look out for an email from us shortly.

As promised, we're offering your winning entry at a doorbuster Woot! exclusive price (along with 4 very hot runners up). Full deets here: