questionsdoes hoover carpet cleaner do a good job?


My experience with it has been meh. I bought a few of the machines (had to return before also) and they work for awhile then break. The fluid itself is just ok. I have also used the rental machines and they were kinda blah too. Left quite a bit of water and very labor intensive.

Honestly? The best carpet cleaning I have had was by a licensed oxyclean company. They don't use alot of water and the carpet looked great. I paid $150 for the entire house and he did the job in a half hour.


In my experience, not awfully good.


do you mean the red carpet steamer machines they rent at supermarkets? i don't like them, don't like using them, don't like the results. but since some landlords want it done before they give you back a rental deposit, i've used them. IMO they're just mold makers for your carpet


They do a fair job of cleaning. Worse part is that part break easily. Very low quality components!


The hoover steamvac f5914-900 works great. It was rated no. one by consumers report. I don't know what machine the other reviewers had but it was not this one!