questionswhat's the difference between 16x6 wheel rims and…


You may want to talk to the parts counter at your dealership - I'm not sure if the low-profile in the PT will make any difference with wider wheels. Here's an article at Car & Driver that broke down speed/handling differences in changing wheel sizes.


What size are the tires on your existing rims, and will you transferring them to the new rims, or will you be getting replacement tires as well?

the difference is literally 1 inch. A wider rim by 1 inch will allow a wider tire, increasing the contact patch of rubber to the road. While there are many, many factors that affect handling, the novice answer is: all other things being equal, a wider tire offers better maximum cornering ability. A side effect is often also sitting more flush with the fenders, rather than tucked in, which is an aesthetic issue and purely subjective.

With that said, a wider rim won't always fit. In your case, we're not talking about a tiny car, nor ultra wide rims, so it will likely be fine.. but double check the backspacing (or post it here, we can help) - this will determine how wide of a rim and tire you can use before you encounter fitment issues.


@goatcrapp: I currently have Firestone FR710 tires, P205/55R16 89T's. It sounds like changing the rim would be more involved than I originally thought. I don't even know what backspacing is. I think I'll pass on the rims. Thanks all for the information!


@sirlouie: a 205 width tire will fit on a 7" wide rim. If you said 185, 195 or similar, I'd say skip it, because it would be too "stretched" - while the stretched look it desired by some people - it does nothing for performance, and generally looks silly on stock-like rims.

regarding backspacing - it may or may not fit, but it's an easy enough thing to answer - if the rims are online, and you can link us to them, i can try and help that way... at least you can go into it with a definitive yes or no, and then decide if the hassle is worth it :)


as someone looking to put the largest PT cruiser rims available on his neon I can tell you that 16 x 7 rims will definitely fit just make sure that the offset is around 40mm (38 - 42mm should be fine.) 40mm is the standard offset from chrysler for factory rims for that car. the tire size on those rims should be (and this is an educated GUESS) 205/55/16 but you could go as wide as 225 without a problem. Tires narrower or wider that this range would probably not be recommended by the manufacturer. I would go with a 215. BTW if you were to opt for a lower profile tire (50?, 45?) you could go to a 17" x 7.5" safely. (I would go no wider than 17" x 7" personally.) a 17" rim might be fine with a 215/55/17 tire but it also may rub when hitting bumps. I would go 215/50/17 or 215/45/17 on a set of 17" X 7" rims on 16" rims I would go with 215/55/16 or 215/50/16.