questionshas anyone had cc issues with daily steals?


Certainly a rather frightening question... I'd check your logs on your credit card for any other odd looking purchases as well.

Employee fraud is something you could potentially get from any company if thats what you're asking... I've never personally used Daily Steals, but seen either screaming deals that just ended, or stuff I considered, but didn't need.


@waltertangofoxtrot: I have used them a few times and never had any problems. The odd thing is that this was the first time I had used that credit card with Daily Steals.

I ultimately ended up cancelling my credit card. I just seems too odd to be a coincidence and has me worried about the integrity of their company.


@sizzlestick: I'd bet not. I've dealt with them for awhile and they've stood behind everything.
I've only had 1 problem, and they fixed it IMMEDIATELY.
That said, our card got used a few weeks ago in Yonkers- a good trick with us being in Texas, they walked it through several clothing stores. According to our fraud rep, NY state (particularly NYC) is their #1 worst area in the U.S. for card fraud.
If you're still apprehensive, remember Daily Steals accepts PayPal too. Hard to mess with PayPal.


I am not saying this is a duplicate question, just thought you might be able to find some useful info from here.

Sorry (personal experience) only use PayPal with them.


I've never had a problem with them but I think I have always used paypal...


No problems with them. I only use one card for online purchases with sites I don't know - and I monitor it like a hawk. No odd transactions, I received my items as described and was charged the correct amount.


Looks like your credit card information was their daily steal.


I agree with the others, Paypal is the way to go. Heck, I use paypal for just about everything I buy on the web, call me paranoid, but I don't trust my direct cc info with most sites, and paypal's reputation for security is awesome!


Thanks for all of the answers!


@havocsback: I agree, PayPal is the only way I do business on the 'net.

If I want to buy something from a on-line retailer and they do not accept payments from PayPal, I have a debit card from PayPal.

So it is just like using PayPal, but the merchant only see's a MasterCard,

and I still have all the protection of a PayPal purchase.


Even with paypal though, you're still going to have to pay return shipping. I bought fake lady gaga heart beats from them, and after weeks of trying to a response from them i filed a complaint through paypal. paypal said i had to pay for return shipping. so i filed a complaint with Better Business Bureau. Daily Steals immediately responded and sent me a prepaid shipping label.

I've had many problems with them and so have alot of others. They get daily complaints on their facebook fanpage about defective items, items not described, and no customer services. their reviews are horrid as well.


Never had any problems with Daily Steals other than it took a while to get my item. Of course I've had that problem with what seems like every deal a day website other than woot who surpisingly got me my item rather quickly even though they used FedEx. One suggestion is make sure that your computer isn't infected with some kind of malware. This also makes it possible for someone to gather your financial information. Seeing as this is a new card, was it the first time you had used it online as well? If so, chances are you might have an infection.