questionscan you help me choose a cover for my kindle?


I started out with the evil problem cover (the one that caused Kindles to start rebooting, once the plastic coating wore off the little hinge things). (Please note that Amazon doesn't actually offer this anymore). There's one like this, but with a light, that doesn't reboot your kindle, but the light is powered from your kindle battery.

Then I got this one: Marware Eco-Flip Kindle Flip Case (Fits 6" Display, Latest Generation Kindle), Black)

I should have got that one the first time around. I like it better than the fancier one, and am very happy with it. I suggest you read the reviews for it, first.

I love my Kindle.


@shrdlu: I have that one like it with the light, and I think it is awesome. Of course, I didn't pay for it myself and when I saw it was $60 I was a little bit shocked.

So, maybe slightly overpriced, but it lets me read my Kindle pretty much anywhere, and the hard covers has protected the Kindle very well when traveling in my briefcase or backpack.

I also love my Kindle :-)


@durkzilla: That one isn't overpriced (in my opinion). The thing is, the one without the light cost nearly as much, and I'm sure, cost Amazon a bloody fortune in returned/replaced Kindles before they finally realized what was doing it. Imagine how disconcerting it was for those first experiencing this, where your lovely toy is suddenly acting up, and at an ever-increasing rate. Right after my original Kindle was on the way back, and after I'd received the replacement, which IMMEDIATELY had the same problem, I started searching for what was causing it.

Amazon should have paid more attention when reports first started surfacing. I think it took attention from Slashdot before they got serious. They handled it reasonably well once they stepped up to the bar (I got a refund, a $25 credit, in addition, and an apology). My replacement case cost me six bucks, considering the credit. I had to return my bad case, but they quit asking for them back later (too many, I suppose).


@shrdlu and @durkzilla - Thanks for sharing your favorites. Now I have to decide if I want a light or not. I too love my Kindle (especially since it helps to keep my suitcase lighter!)