questionsdid anyone notice the item on the main woot pageā€¦


Seems this is the new norm, happened a few times recently on sellout. Seems like a good idea for items that sell out early.


@lichme: way to burst my bubble. i was hoping for a secret wootoff to keep me entertained and awake at work today.


Every day is a secret wootoff in my heart.


but leaving an item SOLD OUT shows us the quantity was limited, and encourages us to rush in and get the deal the next day. Making it a scarse and limited deal was part of the beauty of Woot


One Item. Per Day. Never forget.


Two woots enter, one woot leaves. TWO WOOTS ENTER, ONE WOOT LEAVES!


Take your selling more than one thing a day back to Amazon.

How am I to tell people 'omg they have a great deal on woot, but it is only for sale for one day, and they may sell out'.


I did notice! I came here right away to see if I wasn't going crazy or something! This is absurd.


Before it was always easy to keep track of what was on woot. You just needed to check once a day. Now, you can miss out on things because something popped up and potentially sold out while you were at work. Either make it one item a day, or one item till it sells out. This whole "one item a day, unless it sells out, then we'll pop in something else, and carry on" will just confuse people.


finally, I think people are starting to run out of things to complain about.....


Conversation in some office months ago:

Incredulous New Boss: You mean to tell me that we have all of these people visiting our website and we don't have anything to sell them?
Underling: Pretty much.
Boss: Well that won't do. Throw up some side deals.
Underling: But we already have other websites that they can go to to buy something.
Boss: Good, throw up some side deals on those websites too.

Weeks later...

Boss: You mean to tell me that we have people visiting our site and then leaving because the first thing they see is a giant "Sold Out?"
Underling: Probably.
Boss: Well just put up another product.
Underling: But then we won't be one deal a day any... Oh, wait. Never mind.


Boy, woot sure likes making money these days.


My woot link in my bookmark list still says "Woot One Day, One Deal"
It's like a collector's item, now.


So, are we going to have to run woot-off checkers all day everyday? I hate that I may miss out on something like a return of the cheap sandisk mp3 players because it popped up halfway through the day. The beauty of woot was, unless it was a wootoff (which used to be so much better!), you only had to check it once a day. Wootoffs used to be fun and random, too.


Well at least I know I am not crazy. But I was really hoping to find an actual answer here :(


@studerc: I will always remember fondly waiting up until midnight woot time to see what bizarre new item would be for sale. Sort of like waiting up years ago to see The Midnight Special but with an option to buy something.


@trekmiss: I use twitter solely to follow the various woot feeds, the New York Times, and one other news source; I check a few times a day and I know that I'm up-to-date on world-blowing-up news, but it also updates with mid-day woot items.


@hellmark: But then it would be a woot!off, no? And if they did that as a matter of routine us poor sheeple would become inured to it and stop spending our cash with wootazon...