questionswhat are you getting from the science shirt.woot…


I'll get nothing and like it!


Are they Anvil or AA? Bet that makes a difference in sales.


None...I already have the ones I wanted, and on the original good blanks.


@jsimsace: Nearly all of the t-shirts are on Anvil blanks. The lightweight hoodies are Alternative Apparel #1970.

@okham: Ditto, and in the case of Nanonauts, I have two copies. It's been a loooong while since I've worn Viral Kawaii, however; I'm clean, but I really love the cute "don't touch me!" message it sends. ^_^


@narfcake: I'm sure all of Deals is super-glad to know that you're not carrying any cold or influenza viruses. That is what you meant, right? :)

I prefer "please hug me anyway" to "please don't touch," no matter how cute. I'm currently wearing this adorable example of how the former can work out fine for everyone involved.


@narfcake: I especially love wearing that one during flu season, especially for that reason. It's easier than a flashing sign that says "Don't touch me!" More subtle, too.


I really want viral kawaii, but on a hoodie. :(