questionsstrange option on dell laptops


Ooookay...nevermind. Looks like this is for desktops not laptops.


@jasmine: Nicely done... :) Sorry I haven't found anything too promising just yet - it's been a busy weekend. The only real semi-decent find thus far was a BestBuy offer. I'm not usually a fan of theirs, but the Sony Vaio line is good, so it's worth a look-see:

Keep at your looking, and you'll likely find something.


@arosiriak: lol!! I just love having my complete ignorance out there for all to see!!

I'll check out the deal you posted and I really appreciate it.


@arosiriak: Oops. Page not found.
I'll do a search on Best Buy for Sonys and see what I come up with.

Thank again!


@jasmine: I apologize... I tried to shrink the url, because I'm not a big fan of the five-line-long links, but apparently it didn't quite work this time around. Let me try again with that one (the Best Buy Sony option, $670):;+Core%26%23153;+i3+Processor+/+15.5%22+Display+/+4GB+Memory+/+320GB+Hard+Drive+-+Gunmetal+Black/9979978.p?id=1218204945490&skuId=9979978&ref=91&loc=200#BVRRWidgetID

And another list of options (follow the link, because Dell's website has a billion different methods to get to differently-priced models that are identical, and this is the cheapest route that I found - any of the options on this page are good, except the first):


@jasmine: And a quick search led to two Newegg options - a very reputable seller, and I've bought from them in the past many times, so I'd feel very comfortable recommending them. They're both MSI build laptops.

There are two links - the first is $700 with a $50 Mail-in Rebate, but includes a blu-ray player, which is a neat option, but not necessary. The second is virtually the same machine, without the blu-ray, but for $630. I haven't found any star-studded deals over the weekend, but these seem to be pretty good for the current market prices.


@arosiriak: Thanks!! You've been an enormous help!

I ended up purchasing the second Dell in the list you had. I think it's going to be perfect for me.

You saved me lots and lots of time and aggravation. (As I'm sure you can probably guess by some of my earlier posts :)

Thanks again!