questionsis the online retailer house cooker a reputable…


Website is less than 1 year old, but there is a little info on their website.
And this:


Thanks for the link.

Why the downrating on my question? Am I not supposed to ask about the reputation of online sellers? If not, then I won't.


@clawback: Unfortunately, there are those who pose questions here w/embedded links to sites that they own or have a financial interest in (e.g. referral points or $, clickthrough $ etc.), or are acting as shills or sock puppets to drive traffic to a particular site.
Since you just joined deals.woot and immediately asked this question w/a link to the site in question, it is assumed you are part of this scenario. This is an online community and there are certain rules that must be followed for everyone's benefit.


That does not make sense. I have the same question and googled it and this person asked what I also want to know. If something seems too good to be true, I am very suspicious.