questionswhat has been the largest item ever sold by woot?


I was wondering the same thing. They must not make any money, it has to cost woot! more than five bucks to ship.


Gosh, you don't think they'd make up for that in the selling price, do you?


It probably doesn't really count under the exact question, but in 2010 someone received an entire pallet -- 1,758 pounds -- of auto wax as part of their BOC. Here's the youtube vidclip of its delivery:

Those were the days, hmm?


I glimpsed an inflatable boat on sport woot that after inflation would be very big...


@mybestuser1: Did you see the news story about a woman who had to be rescued when an alligator bit her inflatable boat while she was touring through the Florida Everglades?


Didn't they sell a Baby Grand piano a couple of years ago? Many not the heavyest, but a lot to ship for five bucks..


Since this question finally became "popular" a day after it was posted, I'm referring to this deal which was on tools.woot yesterday.


Samsung (or LG?) Washer and Dryer set


They were selling sheds as one of the Woot Plus deals a few months back too... But I think the shipping weight was less than 300 lbs on most of them.


I think there was a broken slot machine sold at some point too, but the car wax is likely the biggest/heaviest thing sold.