questionsdroid x2 or iphone 4?


iPhone 5 is supposedly incoming around September, so if you don't NEED an upgrade, and you have any leaning towards iPhone, you may want to wait.

( For the rest, I haven't used either phone, I have played with both operating systems. )

Beyond that, it depends what kind of user experience you want. If you have an Apple computer, then you may want to lean iPhone. (If I still had a Mac and could afford the super-high monthly for a smartphone, that's where I would lean.) Having used an Android tablet I can say the OS is fun to play around in, but having used that AND an iPod touch, I think Apple's app store is much nicer. But, there's a lot less customization available to you with the iPhone, and anything you do there is far less "supported" than with Android.

The general consensus I have seen on these phones seems to be that you can't go WRONG with either phone, but which is more right comes down to personal preference.


X2- it's dual core, and a non proprietary phone will cost a lot less.

iphone- soon you won't even be able to record live music on apple products...


@woothulhu: the two phones actually cost exactly the same.

As for recording live music, that's kinda douchey on apple's part, but I have an ipod touch and a camera, so there are ways around that. It's not something I really do much of anyway.


@thedogma: I mean in the long run, apple accessories are ridiculous, and there are fewer non apple accessory comapnies out there, as apple isn't cool with money being taken out of their pocketses.

The dual core is still what sells it for me, no other phones can claim that, as far as I know.


I had the droid X, and now I have an iphone 4. I truly enjoyed both. I really liked the droid X's large screen, and the navigation software was top notch. The Iphone 4 is about 10 times more stable, and is much quicker (which may not be an issue on the x2 due to the increase in processing power). I would probably go with which ever OS your are more comfortable with.


@woothulhu: There are other Android dual core phones out like the EVO 3D which just dropped yesterday and the Samsung Galaxy S2.

My suggestion is Android. Iphones are nice and they just work. They have very little options in the way of customization and flexibility. If you want your phone to work well and don't care about making it you then go with the Iphone and be like everyone else that has one. If you want a phone that plays nice with flash, 4G and that you can customize to your hearts content, go with the DX2. Both are great phones, and honestly I don't think you will be disappointed either way. I am an Android fan and some people here will be Apple fans, so all in all you are just getting peoples opinion. I suggest going to the Verizon store and playing with both display models and see which one You like better and make your decision that way.


iPhone 5 comes out sometime within the enxt few months, or is suppose to. Regardless... x2 is the obvious choice.


Does anyone know when the X2 might get the latest version of the android OS? Last I heard they're still on 2.2, though 2.3 has been out a while. And also supposedly the X1 is already on 2.3, which makes me wonder why the X2 isn't.


I love my iPhone 4, but its getting outdated too fast!