questionshas anyone had to deal with famous footwear's…


Has any one had to deal with this kind of issue, and do I have a chance at getting this order canceled before they ship them?


I'd say you have a good chance of getting it cancelled before it ships. It was their buggy site that caused you to order the same thing 3 times. I would definitely call back and get a better answer than the one you received. People mess up orders, it happens, and that it was customer service is there for! The CS rep you spoke to might be new, lazy, or just plain doesn't care.

I'd say call back immediately, If they give you same answer demand you speak with their supervisor. If they give you the same answer say exactly this: "Do you think I'd recommend your products and services to my peers after my experience today?" And that may get them thinking. I'm willing to bet they're able to cancel your order. Please keep us updated!


This is so frustrating. They won't cancel the orders. They did refund the shipping on two of my orders and told me to return them when I receive them, but for now my bank account will be charged for all the orders. Lesson learned, from now on my wife will have to find somewhere else to buy her shoes, I am not giving them another dime of my money ever.


Try Zappos next time. They are much better with CS. /sarcasm As for the OP, I have never heard of Famous it a local chain? I have never seen one in these parts. Best wishes on your refund!