questionshas anyone else discovered the convenience of ups…


I have been using it since they started. I receive about 200-300 packages from different carriers per month and find it quite helpful.


I was paid subscriber last year but since my new address wasn't in the UPS system I was not able to re-subscribe. If you receive a lot of packages and do a lot of funky things (moving between addresses, rescheduling packages, missing deliveries, etc), I think it is definitely worth the $40/year.


Clarification please. @magic cave says free service and @hackman2007 says $40/year. Which is correct ?
Thank you .


@ceagee: They have two different options, a free version and a pay. The $40/year allows you unlimited address redirections, the ability to deliver to UPS stores and some other things for no extra charge. You can't do that with the free version unless you want to pay the extra fee.


@ceagee: I receive maybe 50-60 deliveries a year, and since I'm usually home during the day I've never needed to make any changes to the scheduled delivery. So for me, the free service works just fine.