questionswhat's the least you would pay for a quality 40…


Free would be ok. Other than that, just look at your options and make a decision based on the best bang for your buck.


There are a lot of options, so look around and read reviews.

This is the one I just bought to replace an older set:
I'm very happy with it, though I paid about $60 less that the price now showing at Amazon. Prices fluctuate, so watch any set you are interested in for a sale.


I actually just bought a TCL 40" 1080p from Amazon for $319, and it's been fantastic! Speakers aren't the best, of course, but you come to expect that from any realistically priced TV these days. Great picture, nice remote, good menu options that actually make sense. I'd highly recommend them.


Clearly the answer here is free.

#include obligatory reminder that a tax refund is actually you being given money back that you overpaid


I got this one just last week. I like it a lot.

It has loads of features that others in it's class don't have. I know it's a Philips, but I couldn't say no to all the options. The Media access via PC is an awesome feature

PS. Amazon seems to be sold at at the moment, but perhaps they'll get some in stock later? It would be strange if they didn't. Especially for just $500


In reference to energy costs, all modern LCD TVs use very little. The difference between a LED backlit TV and a fluorescent one is less than $1 a month, sometimes much less.

For extras on LCD TVs, unless you watch a lot of sports, a 60hz refresh rate is fine. From what I've read anything above 120hz is also a waste of money. If you look at Plasma TVs, you don't have to worry about refresh rate.

My preference in a TV at 40" or larger would be to get one with 1080p resolution. Look at them in a store and if 720p looks fine to you, you'll save a lot of money. Just remember to stand back at the same distance you'll be watching it at home.


I bought my 40" HDTV for $250, which was the least I could have paid at the time. Based on my observations, it's still the least I could have paid.