questionscan a thief really steal my personal information…


I particularly like this part -

Adam Savage of the science TV show MythBusters stated during the July 2008 HOPE conference in New York City, that when they were going to demonstrate how RFID worked and their vulnerabilities in financial exchange cards, their lawyers were challenged by other lawyers representing RFID vendors and several banking institutions. It was made verbally clear to the Mythbusters team that advertising for their show would be pulled by the finance industry if any demonstration of contactless card vulnerabilities was conducted.


Anyone fall prey to this via one of these scanners? Although I'm assuming it is difficult to pinpoint exactly when / how your personal information was stolen.


I'm all for NFC purchasing, but RFID is not a secure way to do it. Good for keeping track of keys, critters, children, ect., but not for my credit cards.