questionshave you seen today's facebook boc?


I was lucky enough to snag one! :D


Lol. Oh man, this didn't sell out quick.. it's still up long after I got it and I could've used a coupon!

I wonder what will I get this time..?

Hey! Thankfully I woke up on the right time!!

This made my day.. I woke up early to go to the DMV just for them to tell me "Hey, our computers are down statewide.. come back next time because your grandma wouldn't make it out here in this scorching heat (102 degrees in SoCal btw)."



Swing and a miss, day 2.

j5 j5

Missed it, was in the antechamber, but yah, no luck for me :(


(cont post)

Now I could close all the tabs I have for Woot that I manually refresh every five minutes or so.

Woot Google+
Woot Flickr
Woot YouTube
Woot FaceBook
Woot Twitter
Woot Pinterest


Gone one yesterday, but shared the link with some coworkers. The first person I gave it to was stuck in the chamber and didn't get one. The last person I gave it to got right through. I thought the chamber acted a a queue and held your place in line, but maybe it selects those people waiting at random.


I saw that, yet again, those of us who are ACTUALLY ON THE WEBSITE don't seem to get any bags of crap.


since most social networking is blocked here at work I will always miss these


i was hoping that i would be able to get the link posted early enough for some of the DW peeps to score a box before it sold out. shucks!


@lichme: I believe it is a line/queue not random. @shawnmiller can confirm if he's not busy.


@agingdragqueen: I would have thought so too, but I watched the first person sitting right beside me wait in the chamber for a minute before I even gave it out to the person who got it. The person who got it was only in the chamber for approx 5 seconds. Oh well.


Sadly this seems like the new norm. Instead of being a cool prize for those of us hanging around here, they're putting them on all of the popular social media outlets. When they do that, they get more subscribers/likes, they can fish out more ads to people, which turns into more $$$ for the Amazon mothership.

Not blaming them, they are a business that exists to make money. It's just not as cool for those of us liking the way it was done in the past. Turns it from being fun and neat to a thinly veiled marketing ploy.


@infernox: We're just mixing things up a little bit. Don't get your knickers in a twist.


Me getting a BOC is like me getting laid at a convent....


@shawnmiller: Why the insult @infernox? Click through and ads make money don't they? For what other reason does FB exist?

Coming from someone who has perfectly straight knickers, the issue for me is the BOC used to be unique to I also do not appreciate the constant effort by companies to entice me to join and contribute to the Facebook data base.

By offering the BOC outside of your website, Woot has alienated Wooters who do not want face book.

I'll take you at your word that you are just mixing things up but is there really no financial benefit to forcing Wooters to use FB in order to try for a BOC?


@wadekind: I think it's a nice thing for us to push out a BOC targeted to our Facebook friends and our Twitter pals. Never said we were alienating Wooters who don't want Facebook. We'll still have BOCs in the regular spots from time to time.


@shawnmiller: It seems to me that you are actually enticing members to move away from here to other websites to look for an occasional grab bag. Should we all just quit hanging out here and go to facebook, twitter or pinterest?


@jsimsace: Here's a fun game to try: hang out on Woot's Facebook page, Twitter account, and Pinterest page. Don't forget our YouTube channel, our Flickr photos, and make sure you pop your head into the unofficial IRC chatroom @moosezilla @cowboydann and others have running. We'll probably post BOCs on Deals.Woot from time to time. So check here too. Oh, and Woot-Offs. Don't forget Woot-Offs. We'll post BOCs there too. And you'll never know when we'll post up a little video game or a choose your own adventure labyrinth in the write ups you have to beat before we let you buy one.


Thanks for your response. With all due respect, I don't understand diverting attention away from woot and it's progenies. There are several of us who work at places that block facebook, twitter, pinterest, etc. I do understand your concept of "spreading the word" via social sites....but if you keep offering specials to those people, why would they want to go anywhere else except those other sites? Instead, how about posting a flash sale on those that leads to one of woot's mainstays? Again, thanks for your reply and have a good evening. :)


@shawnmiller: Oh goody, perhaps there's more Adventure Crap in our future! Puzzle BOC's are the BEST!


@shawnmiller: Impossible to please everybody. Posting it in the morning makes people who are asleep unhappy, posting it in the afternoon makes people who are at work unhappy. Posting it in the evening makes people who eat dinner unhappy. No matter what, you are damned if you do, damned if you don't. Thanks for keeping it interesting, and thanks to the unofficial chat people for helping others get BOC's that may otherwise not be able to see them.


@shawnmiller I think Wooters are venting because there wasn't a BOC in the last Woot-off, yet now they are showing up in Twitter and Facebook postings. The average Wooter won't mind if BOCs are offered at social media sites as long as it is in ADDITION to it still being regularly offered during the Woot-off and on the special Woot days (Anniversary day, Christmas, April Fools). Please don't take it away from the Woot-offs, like was done last month.


@atltrainman: The BOC is a fickle beast. Sometimes she'll make an appearance in a Woot-Off, sometimes she won't.